Sec. 11 AAC 97.500 - Letter of intent

ยง 11 AAC 97.500. Letter of intent

(a) The letter of intent required by AS 27.19.050(b) must be filed annually on a form provided by the department before the mining begins. The following information must be provided:

(1) the name, address, and telephone number of the miner or other person who will serve as agent to receive any notice that is required by this chapter, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all other owners, operators, or leaseholders of the mining operation;

(2) a list of all properties, mining locations, or leases on which the mining operation is to be conducted, including the state or federal casefile number, and the legal description of the land on which the mining operation is to be conducted, described by legal subdivision, section, quarter-section, township, range and meridian;

(3) a map (United States Geological Survey topographic map or the equivalent) at a scale no smaller than 1:63, 360 (inch to the mile) showing the general vicinity of the mining operation and the specific property to be worked; for a material mining operation adjacent to an airport or a public road, the commissioner will, in his or her discretion, waive this requirement and allow the location to be specified by the name of the airport or by the road milepost;

(4) a diagram of the mining operation and the mined area that shows and states the number of acres to be mined during the year and that shows the location corners or property boundaries and their relationship to the reclamation work, the tailings or spoil disposal areas, and the areas otherwise to be affected by the operation; the information furnished must be reasonably appropriate to the scale and complexity of the mine;

(5) total acreage and volume of material to be mined, and the existing acreage of mined area;

(6) total acreage to be reclaimed in the year covered by the letter of intent;

(7) a description of the reclamation measures that will be taken to comply with AS 27.19.020 and 11 AAC 97.200 - 11 AAC 97.250;

(8) if on private land, a signed and notarized statement by the landowner that the miner has the landowner's permission to operate throughout the period covered by the letter of intent; however, this statement is not required if the miner is the landowner, or if the mining operation is on a prior federal mining location and the private landowner received title subject to that location under sec. 22(c) of PL 92-203, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act ( 43 U.S.C. 1621(c)); if the private landowner believes that reclamation to the standard set out in AS 27.19.020 is not feasible because the landowner intends to use the land after mining for a purpose incompatible with natural revegetation, the landowner is encouraged to provide this information as part of the statement. For the purposes of this paragraph, the landowner is the owner of the estate that includes the mineral or material to be mined.

(b) The miner shall keep the department informed of the miner's correct address until the reclamation is completed.

(Eff. 7/30/92, Register 123)

Authority: Sec. 2, ch. 92, SLA


AS 27.19.050

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