Sec. 18 AAC 54.020 - Eligible entities

ยง 18 AAC 54.020. Eligible entities

The following entities are eligible for a subgrant under this chapter:

(1) as allowed under 42 U.S.C. 7403 and 7405 (Clean Air Act secs. 103 and 105), an air pollution control agency, a public or nonprofit agency, an institution, an organization, or an individual;

(2) as allowed under 42 U.S.C. 16133 (Energy Policy Act of 2005; diesel emissions reduction program),

(A) a regional, state, local, or tribal agency or port authority with jurisdiction over transportation or air quality; or

(B) a nonprofit organization or institution that

(i) represents or provides pollution reduction or educational services to persons or organizations that own or operate diesel fleets; or

(ii) has, as its principal purpose, the promotion of transportation or air quality.

(Eff. 9/17/2010, Register 195)

Authority:AS 44.46.020

AS 46.14.530

AS 46.14.535

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