Sec. 18 AAC 60.450 - Asbestos

ยง 18 AAC 60.450. Asbestos

(a) Waste that includes regulated asbestos-containing material (RACM) waste must be managed in a manner that prevents the release of asbestos fibers to the air or to surface water and must be disposed of in an approved RACM landfill. Non-RACM waste may be disposed of in a municipal solid waste landfill if

(1) the landfill has a permit issued under this chapter;

(2) the waste is covered within 24 hours, using procedures that prevent the release of asbestos fibers to the air or to surface water; and

(3) no fires have occurred in the landfill for more than one year.

(b) A waste management area used for disposal of RACM must be located on undisturbed earth or stable fill. An asbestos waste management area may not be located in a manner that would preclude future closeout or remedial action at the facility. The limits of the asbestos disposal area must be marked on property survey records, and recorded on the property deed.

(c) The operator of a facility that is receiving RACM waste shall inspect each load of RACM waste to assure that the friable asbestos material is sealed in leak-proof bags or containers, labeled in accordance with 29 C.F.R. 1910.1001(j)(4), revised as of July 1, 1998, adopted by reference, and accompanied by a complete and accurate shipment record prepared in accordance with (e) of this section or a copy signed by the owner or operator of the facility; of the asbestos waste shipment record prepared by the transporter in accordance with 40 C.F.R. 61.149.

(d) At the end of each operating day, or at least once every 24 hours while disposal of RACM waste is occurring, the operator shall cover RACM waste that has been deposited at the landfill during the operating day or previous 24 hours with at least six inches of non-RACM material.

(e) For all RACM waste received, the owner or operator of the active landfill shall maintain, in the operating record, waste shipment records that include the

(1) name, address, and telephone number of the waste generator;

(2) name, address, and telephone number of the transporter;

(3) amount of asbestos-containing waste material, measured in cubic yards; and

(4) date of receipt.

(f) The owner or operator of a landfill in which RACM waste has been disposed of shall maintain in the operating record, until the landfill closure is complete, a map or diagram showing the boundaries of the asbestos waste management area, its depth, and the amount, in cubic yards, of the RACM waste located there.

(g) Except as provided in (f) of this section, the owner or operator shall retain a copy of all records required under this section for at least two years, and shall furnish them to the department upon request.

(h) The owner or operator shall submit a workplan for approval at least 45 days before excavating or otherwise disturbing any asbestos-containing waste material that has been deposited at the landfill and covered. Department approval of the workplan is required before excavation may begin. If the excavation will begin on a date other than the one contained in the approved workplan, notice of the new date must be provided to the department at least 10 working days before excavation begins. Excavation may not begin earlier than the date specified in the approved workplan. A workplan submitted under this subsection must include the

(1) scheduled starting and completion dates;

(2) reason for disturbing the waste;

(3) procedures to be used to control emissions during the excavation, storage, transport, and ultimate disposal of the excavated asbestos-containing waste material;

(4) location of any temporary storage site; and

(5) final disposal site.

(i) At closure of a waste management area containing RACM waste, a final cover of at least two feet of non-asbestos-containing soil must be placed on the area and revegetated. A permanent survey marker must be constructed at the site. Drawings showing the boundaries of the RACM waste management area must be filed with the department and attached to the property deed, with a written warning about health and safety hazards related to disturbing the site.

(Eff. 1/28/96, Register 137; am 7/11/99, Register 151)

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