Sec. 18 AAC 83.550 - Limitations on internal waste streams

ยง 18 AAC 83.550. Limitations on internal waste streams

(a) If permit effluent limitations or standards imposed at the point of discharge are impractical or infeasible to monitor, effluent limitations or standards for discharges of pollutants may be imposed on internal waste streams before those streams are mixed with other waste streams or cooling water streams. In that case, the monitoring required by 18 AAC 83.455 shall also apply to the internal waste streams.

(b) Limits on internal waste streams will be imposed only if the fact sheet sets out the exceptional circumstances that justify those limitations; exceptional circumstances include the following:

(1) the final discharge point is inaccessible;

(2) the wastes at the point of discharge are so diluted as to make monitoring impracticable;

(3) the interferences among pollutants at the point of discharge would make detection or analysis impracticable.

(Eff. 7/29/2006, Register 179)

Authority:AS 44.46.020

AS 46.03.010

AS 46.03.020

AS 46.03.050

AS 46.03.100

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