Sec. 20 AAC 17.055 - Fees

ยง 20 AAC 17.055. Fees

(a) An institution shall pay the following fees:

(1) application fee for new authorization, $2,500;

(2) fee for renewal of authorization, three percent of average of the total annual tuition and fee receipts in the most recent authorization period, in an amount of at least $500, but no more than $2,500;

(3) application fee for approval required under 20 AAC 17.040(b), $100;

(4) fee for a change of site or an additional site inspection, $500; and

(5) application fee under 20 AAC 17.015(h), $100.

(b) An agent shall pay the following fees:

(1) application fee for an initial agent's permit, $500; and

(2) application fee for renewal of an agent's permit, $250.

(c) The commission will waive the fees required under (a) of this section for an institution that is exempt from taxation under 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3) and has an annual enrollment of less than 30 students.

(Eff. 12/30/77, Register 64; am 8/20/86, Register 99; am 4/24/98, Register 146; am 12/31/2005, Register 176; am 2/24/2011, Register 197)

Authority:AS 14.48.030

AS 14.48.050

AS 14.48.090

AS 14.48.100

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