Sec. 20 AAC 30.020 - General eligibility

ยง 20 AAC 30.020. General eligibility

(a) Eligibility for an operating support grant is limited to an arts organization that:

(1) produces, presents, or administers a series of arts events or ongoing programs;

(2) has been determined by the Internal Revenue Service to qualify as an exempt organization under 26 USC 501(c)(3);

(3) has been incorporated for at least three years;

(4) is not a college or university; and

(5) has an annual budget of at least $50,000.

(b) An arts organization shall apply for an operating support grant on a biennial or triennial basis if the arts organization

(1) meets the eligibility requirements set out in (a)(1) - (4) of this section;

(2) has an annual budget of at least $150,000; and

(3) has received and successfully operated with at least two years of annual operating support grants; however, the council may waive the requirement of this paragraph and receive, review, and approve an application for an operating support grant on a biennial or triennial basis if the applicant meets the eligibility requirements of (1) and (2) of this subsection but has not successfully operated for at least two years with operating support grants.

(c) Except as provided in (b) of this section, an arts organization may only apply for and obtain an operating support grant on an annual basis.

(Eff. 2/10/83, Register 85; am 6/28/98, Register 146; am 9/7/2002, Register 163; am/readopt 7/1/2011, Register 198)

Effective 7/1/2011, Register 198, the Alaska State Council on the Arts readopted 20 AAC 30.020 to affirm the validity of that section after statutory amendments made in ch. 30, SLA 2010. The council also amended 20 AAC 30.020(b). Chapter 30, SLA 2010 made explicit the council's authority to adopt regulations consistent with AS 44.27.052(a)(6).

Authority:AS 44.27.052

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