Sec. 3 AAC 110.630 - Effective date and certification

ยง 3 AAC 110.630. Effective date and certification

(a) Except as provided in (b) or (c) of this section, a final decision of the commission is effective when

(1) notification of compliance with 42 U.S.C. 1973 c (Voting Rights Act of 1965) is received from the United States Department of Justice;

(2) certification of the legally required voter approval of the commission's final decision is received from the director of elections or the appropriate municipal official; and

(3) 45 days have passed since presentation of the commission's final decision on a legislative review petition was made to the legislature and the legislature has not disapproved the decision.

(b) The effective date of a merger or consolidation is the date set by the director of elections for the election of officials of the remaining or new municipality, if the provisions of (a) of this section have also been satisfied.

(c) The commission may defer the effective date of a city reclassification under AS 29.04, municipal incorporation under the Constitution of the State of Alaska or AS 29.05, or municipal annexation, detachment, deunification, merger, consolidation, or dissolution under AS 29.06 for a period of no more than two years.

(d) When the requirements in (a) of this section have been met, the department shall issue a certificate describing the effective change. The department shall hand-deliver or mail, postage prepaid, a copy of the certificate to the municipality that has been changed and shall file a copy of the certificate in each recording district of all territory within the municipality that has been changed.

(e) If a minor error is found in the certificate issued under (d) of this section, the person discovering the error shall notify the department and the commission. If the commission determines that the error resulted from an oversight during the petition proceeding or the issuance of the certificate, the commission will direct the department to issue a corrected certificate. The commission will not consider a request for a corrected certificate to include area or territory not proposed in the boundary change proceeding for which the certificate was issued.

(Eff. 7/31/92, Register 123; am 5/19/2002, Register 162; am 1/9/2008, Register 185)

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