Sec. 4 AAC 04.900 - Definitions

ยง 4 AAC 04.900. Definitions

(a) In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires,

(1) "department" means the Department of Education and Early Development;

(2) "paraprofessional" means a person who is not required to have a professional license or certification and who, under the supervision of a teacher or other professional educational service provider, provides instructional or other educational support to a student.

(b) For the purpose of reposing under 4 AAC 06.895 and 20 USC.6311 (Part A of the Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act)

(1) "ineffective teacher" means a teacher who was

(A) subject to plan of improvement under AS 14.20.149(b)(6) or 14.20.149(e);

(B) was notified that the teachers continued employment in the district was contingent on the implementation of a plan of improvement and resigned; or

(C) a tenured teacher who is receiving district support or is subject to a plan of professional growth under 4 AAC 19.010(h) and 4 AAC 19.010(j);

(2) "inexperienced Principal" means a principal in the first year of practice, having no previous experience as the lead administrator of a school;

(3) "inexperienced teacher" means a teacher in the first year of practice, having no previous experience leading classroom instruction other than student teaching or similar preparation experiences;

(4) "out-of-field teacher" means a teacher teaching in a subject area in which the teacher does not hold an endorsement on a certificate issued 4 AAC 12.

(Eff. 3/2/2000, Register 153; am 6/10/2004, Register 170; am 10/20/2018,Register 228, January 2019)

Authority:AS 14.03.015

AS 14.07.020

AS 14.07.165

AS 14.07.060

AS 14.50.080

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