Sec. R9-31-210 - Emergency Medical Services

§ R9-31-210. Emergency Medical Services

A. Emergency medical services shall be provided based on the prudent layperson standard to a member by licensed providers registered with AHCCCS to provide services under A.R.S. § 36-2989.

B. The provider of emergency services shall verify eligibility and enrollment status through the Administration to determine the need for notification to a contractor or a RBHA for a member and to determine the party responsible for payment of services rendered.

C. Access to an emergency room and emergency medical services shall be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week in each contractor's service area. The use of examining or treatment rooms shall be available when required by a physician or practitioner for the provision of emergency services.

D. Behavioral Health Evaluation provided by a psychiatrist or psychologist shall be covered as an emergency service, so long as it meets the requirements of 9 A.A.C. 31, Article 12.

E. Emergency services do not require prior authorization but providers shall comply with the following notification requirements:

1. Providers and noncontracting providers furnishing emergency services to a member shall notify the member's contractor within 12 hours of the time the member presents for services;

2. If a member's medical condition is determined not to be an emergency medical condition under Article 1 of this Chapter, the provider shall notify the member's contractor before initiation of treatment and follow the prior authorization requirements and protocol of the contractor regarding treatment of the member's nonemergent condition. Failure to provide timely notice or comply with prior authorization requirements of the contractor constitutes cause for denial of payment.

F. A provider and a noncontracting provider shall request authorization from a contractor for post stabilization services. A contractor shall pay for the post stabilization services if:

1. The service is pre-approved by a contractor, or

2. A contractor does not respond to an authorization request within the time-frame under 42 CFR 438.114.

(Adopted under an exemption from A.R.S. Title 41, Chapter 6, pursuant to Laws 1998, Ch. 4, § 11, 4th Special Session, effective October 23, 1998 (Supp. 98-4). Amended by exempt rulemaking at 7 A.A.R. 4740, effective October 1, 2001 (Supp. 01-3).)

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