Ariz. Admin. Code § R4-34-701 - General

A. Before construction of a manufactured home or an FBB, a manufacturer shall submit to the office:
1. The compliance assurance manual required by R4-34-702, and
2. The drawings and specifications required by R4-34-703.
B. Before performing one of the following, a person shall obtain plan approval:
1. Under R4-34-704(A) for an alteration,
2. Under R4-34-704(B) for a reconstruction,
3. Under R4-34-705 to install an attached accessory structure, and
4. Under R4-34-706 to install an FBB.
C. Within 20 business days after receiving a plan submitted under subsection (B), the Department shall perform an administrative review of the plan submittal and if incomplete, require the licensee to provide a complete plan submittal. Within 20 business days after receiving a complete plan submittal, the Department shall approve or disapprove the plan submittal.
D. A person that submits a plan under subsection (B) shall ensure the plan conforms to the following standards:
1. Each page is at least 8 1/2 X 11 inches and printed to the scale referenced on the drawing;
2. The font is at least eight point;
3. The cover page includes an index and provides a 3 X 5 inch blank space near the title block;
4. The plan and all details and calculations are sealed by an Arizona registered engineer; and
5. The plan is consistent with all applicable standards referenced at R4-34-102.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R4-34-701
Adopted effective January 31, 1979 (Supp. 79-1). Amended effective December 13, 1979 (Supp. 79-6). Amended by adding subsection (K) effective July 8, 1981 (Supp. 81-4). Amended subsections (A), (G), and (K), and added subsection (L) effective October 20, 1981 (Supp. 81-5). Correction, subsection (G)(3) (Supp. 81-6). Amended subsection (C) effective January 31, 1983 (Supp. 83-1). Amended subsection (B) effective May 23, 1983 (Supp. 83-3). Amended effective April 5, 1985 (Supp. 85-2). Former Section R4-34-701 renumbered to R4-34-301, new Section R4-34-701 renumbered from R4-34-301 and amended effective July 3, 1991 (Supp. 91-1). Section repealed by final rulemaking at 6 A.A.R. 47, effective December 8, 1999; new Section adopted by final rulemaking at 6 A.A.R. 145, effective December 8, 1999 (Supp. 99-4). Amended by final rulemaking at 11 A.A.R. 464, effective March 5, 2005 (Supp. 05-1). Amended by final rulemaking at 14 A.A.R. 286, effective March 8, 2008 (Supp. 08-1). Amended by final rulemaking at 24 A.A.R. 1499, effective 6/30/2018. Amended by final rulemaking at 26 A.A.R. 1509, effective 9/6/2020. Amended by final rulemaking at 27 A.A.R. 1324, effective 10/3/2021.

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