Ariz. Admin. Code § R6-6-1006 - Foster Parent Responsibilities in Child Developmental Foster Homes

A. The licensee shall provide the child with positive emotional support and guidance including but not limited to:
1. Including the child in daily activities;
2. Providing the child with positive reinforcement;
3. Assisting the child with day-to-day concerns with school, with friends, and with family;
4. Providing appropriate care, concern, and support;
5. Protecting the child from harm; and
6. Assisting the child in developing and fostering personal relationships.
B. The licensee shall follow written and verbal instructions and orders from qualified professionals regarding the medical, dental, habilitative, and therapeutic needs of the child.
C. The licensee shall provide opportunities for social and physical development appropriate to the child's developmental level and interest, through recreation and leisure-time activities.
D. The licensee shall cooperate with the Division in providing opportunities for the child to pursue the child's own religious beliefs or those of the child's parent, family, or guardian. The licensee shall not require the child to participate in the licensee's religious activities or practices.
E. The licensee shall assign tasks and work appropriate to the child's age and abilities and which do not present a health or safety hazard and do not interfere with the child's educational or recreational activities.
F. The licensee shall ensure children are dressed each day in clothing which is clean and appropriate to the age of the child, the climate, and the situation.
G. The licensee shall provide a well-balanced and adequate diet to meet the nutritional needs of the child.
H. The licensee shall ensure that the child has transportation to meet the educational, medical, habilitative, therapeutic, and social needs of the child.
I. The licensee shall make reasonable efforts to support and maintain the child's relationships with parents, guardians, other family members, and other persons important to the child's life, approved or as required by the Division, the child-placing agency, or the courts.
J. The licensee shall ensure that visitations or outings with other adults, without the licensee present, have the prior approval of the Division or are consistent with the child's ISPP or case plan.
K. The licensee shall ensure that money designated for the child is only used for the specific purpose intended and for the benefit of the child.
L. The licensee shall provide appropriate hygiene for the child including bathing, tooth brushing, hair care, toileting, diapering, menstrual care, and shaving, as appropriate.
M. The licensee shall not provide foster care or respite care to adults in the licensee's home.
N. The licensee shall provide care only for the number of children and conditions listed on the license.
O. The licensee shall obtain approval from the Division before accepting placements from other agencies or private parties.
P. When the child developmental foster home also provides respite services, the licensee shall ensure that the respite placement is within the conditions stated on the Child Developmental Foster Home license.
Q. The licensee shall not accept adult roomers or boarders without prior approval of the Division.
R. The licensee shall treat information concerning a child placed in the licensee's home and the child's family and guardian as confidential in accordance with A.R.S. § 36-568.
S. The licensee shall participate in the IEP meetings, unless otherwise specified by the Division, and advocate for the implementation of the IEP.
T. The licensee shall participate in the ISPP meetings, shall carry out the tasks identified by the ISPP team as being the responsibility of the licensee, and shall advocate for the implementation of the ISPP.
U. The licensee shall cooperate with the Division when a foster child moves from the foster home by:
1. Providing information, including the records required in R6-6-1010(A) and (C);
2. Ensuring personal belongings such as usable clothing, furniture, television sets, bicycles, toys, and other items purchased specifically for the child go with the child; and
3. Assisting the Division in preparing the child for the move.
V. The licensee shall comply with the terms of the Child Developmental Foster Home Parent Agreement.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R6-6-1006
Adopted effective August 30, 1994, under an exemption from the provisions of A.R.S. Title 41, Chapter 6 (Supp. 94-3).

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