Ariz. Admin. Code § R7-2-604.05 - Classroom-Based Alternative Preparation Program Approval Process

A. A school district or charter school may apply to the Board for approval as a classroom-based alternative preparation program provider. The Department shall facilitate the Board approval process and prescribe an application form that shall include the following:
1. The name of the program and the school district or charter school applying;
2. The areas of certification for which the applicant will offer the program;
3. Verification that individuals enrolled in the program will have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, or will meet all of the following criteria:
a. Will be currently enrolled in an accredited public or private postsecondary institution's bachelor's degree program;
b. Will not be a contracted or permanent full-time teacher or teacher of record for any classroom of students, except those enrollees may be employed by the school district or charter school; and
c. Will not regularly instruct students without the presence of a full-time teacher, certificated teacher, instructional coach or instructional mentor unless the individual possesses other means of certification.
4. Verification that individuals to be enrolled in the program will meet the background requirements and have a valid fingerprint card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-534;

a. An emergency teaching certificate; or

b. An alternative teaching certificate.

c. Individuals enrolled at a charter school classroom-based alternative preparation program are not required to possess a certificate.

4. Data supporting the efficacy of its teacher preparation program, which may include stakeholder surveys, completer data and student achievement data. The school district or charter school may contract with a third party provider to provide the classroom based alternative preparation program and may use that program's efficacy data to meet this requirement.

6. A list of all staff members responsible for administering the program and the roles and responsibilities of each person;
7. A description of the program, which shall include the following:
a. A program sequence or training schedule; and
b. Information regarding the mentoring and coaching of teacher candidates.
8. The school district or charter school may provide information on professional expectations, professional requirements, or student achievement requirements that exceed expectations and requirements of this section, including requiring candidates to complete specified coursework or trainings.
9. A plan for how the program will notify and assist program participants if the program or school closes.
B. Upon receipt of an application for approval as a classroom-based preparation program provider, the Department shall convene a review team that shall:
1. Examine the application;
2. Determine whether to recommend that the Board grant its approval of the application based upon the requirements of this Section and a Board-approved rubric; and
3. Submit its recommendation to the State Board of Education within 90 days of receipt of the application.
C. The State Board of Education shall review the recommendation of the review team and provide to the applicant written notice of its approval or denial.
D. If the Board denies an applicant for program approval, the applicant may correct any deficiencies identified in the notice of denial and resubmit the application for review by the Department within 30 days of the denial. The review team shall review the resubmitted application and submit its recommendation to the Board within 60 days of receipt of the resubmitted application.
E. If the Board approves an applicant as a classroom-based preparation program provider, the approval is valid for six years after the date of approval. To continue as a program provider, the school district or charter school shall apply for renewal before the expiration of its current approval. If the application for renewal is approved by the Board, the renewal is valid for six years after the date of the approval.
F. Approved classroom-based alternative preparation program providers shall submit a new application pursuant to subsection (A) to offer a program in an additional certification area.
G. Each qualified provider shall submit a report once every two years that includes:
1. A description of any substantive changes in courses, seminars, modules or assessments in the Board approved classroom-based preparation programs;
2. The name, title and original signature of the certification officer for the approved program provider;
3. Relevant data on the educator preparation program, relevant staff, and candidates, which may include, but is not limited to, stakeholder surveys, completer data, and student achievement data required as a condition of continuing program approval.
H. Classroom-based preparation program providers shall provide program completers with an institutional recommendation for the appropriate Classroom-Based Standard Teaching Certificate within 45 days of program completion.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R7-2-604.05
Adopted by exempt rulemaking at 24 A.A.R. 195, effective 8/9/2017. Amended by final exempt rulemaking at 26 A.A.R. 1311, effective 5/18/2020. Amended by final exempt rulemaking at 29 A.A.R. 183, effective 12/9/2022.

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