005.28.21 Ark. Code R. § 001 - Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Rules Governing The Arkansas Tutoring Corps


Effective Date: May 2, 2022

1.01 These rules shall be known as the Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Rules Governing the Arkansas Tutoring Corps.
1.02 These rules are enacted pursuant to the Arkansas State Board of Education's authority under Ark. Code Ann. §§ 6-11-105, 25-15-201 et. seq., and Ark. Code Ann. § 6-15-3104.
1.03 The purpose of these rules is to establish the requirements and processes governing the Arkansas Tutoring Corps.
2.01 It is the intent of the Arkansas General Assembly to address learning loss by providing readily accessible tutors to Arkansas students preparing to enter kindergarten through grade six (K-6).
3.01 The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education shall oversee the establishment of the Arkansas Tutoring Corps.
3.02 The Division shall identify a curriculum aligned with Arkansas academic standards and developed to support children in the content areas of math and literacy.
3.03 The program shall be administered in collaboration with the state's Education Renewal Zones (ERZ)s.
3.04 The ERZs shall:
3.04.1 Conduct needs assessments to determine the number of tutors needed in each area or ERZ;
3.04.2 Ensure that tutoring services are prioritized for students in rural areas and other underserved students;
3.04.3 Actively recruit individuals to become tutors. These individuals may be, but are not limited to, the following: Individuals enrolled in a teacher preparation program; Retired teachers; Teachers who are currently certified; College students; and/or AmeriCorps members or volunteers.
3.04.4 Assist in securing tutoring assignments;
3.04.5 Provide training modules for tutors;
3.04.6 Provide ongoing support for tutors;
3.04.7 Keep ongoing documentation of hours worked by: A tutor in a public school. A tutor in a private school. A tutor in a community or faith-based program or residential facility. Community service volunteer approved by the ERZ or the Division.
3.04.8 Maintain a database of tutoring candidates to monitor progress for tutors completing initial certification and maintaining certification;
3.04.9 Maintain a database of school district feedback regarding the effect of tutoring on student progress; and
3.04.10 Create and maintain a network of approved Arkansas tutoring sites to link to qualified tutors.
3.05 The Division shall monitor the effectiveness of the program annually.
3.06 Continuation of the Arkansas Tutoring Corps program shall be contingent upon available funding.
4.01 To become a certified member of the Arkansas Tutoring Corps, a candidate must complete initial training and certification, which will be done in two phases.
4.02 In order to become an Arkansas Tutoring Corps qualified tutor, an individual must meet the requirements of Phase I of the program, which include:
4.02.1 Completion and approval of Arkansas Tutoring Corps application;
4.02.2 Successful completion of background checks, including: an Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry Background Check and an Arkansas State Police/FBI background check, which must include the taking of fingerprints. Background check must be completed within twelve (12) months prior to application or before being approved as a "qualified tutor"; No waivers will be granted via the Arkansas Tutoring Corps program for a disqualifying offense; and Approved tutors are required to notify the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education of subsequent conviction(s) of disqualifying offenses or true finding(s) and placement on Child Maltreatment Central Registry.
4.02.3 Completion of initial Arkansas Tutoring Corps training that prepares candidates to effectively utilize the identified curriculum chosen by the Division.
4.03 Upon completion of Phase I, candidates become a qualified tutor. A qualified tutor may contract with approved tutoring sites to provide tutoring services for students as part of the Arkansas Tutoring Corps. A qualified tutor may be compensated for tutoring services in addition to any compensation received as part of this program.
4.04 In order for a qualified tutor to be recognized as an Arkansas Tutoring Corps Certified Member, a tutor must complete Phase II of the program, which includes:
4.04.1 Completion of five (5) prescribed Professional Learning Modules;
4.04.2 With support of the ERZ, secure a tutoring assignment(s) with one or more approved tutoring sites; and
4.04.3 Documentation of a total of at least 175 hours of tutoring at one or more approved, qualified tutoring sites, which include: A public school or open-enrollment public charter school located within Arkansas; An education service cooperative; An institution of higher education located within Arkansas; or A community facility that meets the requirements established by the division.
4.05 To maintain status as an Arkansas Tutoring Corps Certified Member, a tutor must annually:
4.05.1 Participate in the renewal process, which includes additional training developed and specified by the program; and
4.05.2 Continue tutoring at approved tutoring sites;
4.05.3 Document at least a total of 175 hours of tutoring at an approved, qualified tutoring site annually.
4.06 The Arkansas Tutoring Corps program runs from September 1 through August 31 each year. Arkansas Tutoring Corps certified members will have priority placement in tutoring sites and an expedited renewal process.


005.28.21 Ark. Code R. § 001
Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume 47 Number 05, Effective 5/2/2022

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