012.02.17 Ark. Code R. § 002 - National History Day Travel Grant Program

Current through Register Vol. 2021, No. 11, November, 2021

Rule Summary National History Day Travel Grant Program

This rule creates guidelines and processes for the administration of a grant program that provides up to $600 per student to cover the cost of traveling to the annual National History Day Contest in Maryland. National History Day is a year-long academic program focused on historical research, interpretation and creative expression for 6th- to 12th-grade students. The National Contest is the final stage of a series of contests at local and state/affiliate levels. The contest begins at the local level in classrooms, schools, and districts. Top entries are invited to the state level contest. The top two entries in every category at the state level are then invited to the National Contest. Approximately 60 Arkansas students in grades 6-12 win the state competition and are invited to participate in the National Contest.

Legal Notice Ad

The Department of Arkansas Heritage is instituting a National History Day Grant Program intended to provide support for travel expenses to Arkansas students who win the state National History Day Contest.

The Department is accepting public comment on the grant application rules and procedures through

______July 17, 2017_________________.

Interested persons may review the rules online and email comments to infof@arkansasheritage.coments. The rules are located online at


Written comments may be returned to National History Day Grant Program, Department of Arkansas Heritage, 1100 North Street, Little Rock, AR 72201. Phone: (501) 324-9150.


The Department of Arkansas Heritage

Since 1975, the Department of Arkansas Heritage has been charged with discovering, strengthening, protecting and preserving Arkansas's natural and cultural heritage. To fulfill its mission, the department coordinates the following natural and cultural heritage resource areas:

The Heritage Museums: Museums research, preserve, present and interpret historic structures, objects and natural and cultural assets. They serve as a partner in education with public and private schools throughout Arkansas. The department's four museums are the Delta Cultural Center, Historic Arkansas Museum, Mosaic Templars Cultural Center and Old State House Museum.

The Heritage Resource Agencies: The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission identifies, protects and promotes areas that best exemplify Arkansas's rich heritage of biological diversity. These areas might be habitat for rare or disappearing species, or natural communities such as a tallgrass prairie or a river and its dependent aquatic system. The Arkansas Arts Council and the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program are conduits for federal and state grant money, and they provide technical assistance for developing and conserving Arkansas's cultural resources. They preserve and promote Arkansas's cultural resources including Arkansas's fine and traditional arts and historic structures, landscapes and archeological sites. The Arkansas State Archives collect and preserve the official records and historical materials for the state of Arkansas. These include state, county, and federal records, manuscript materials, newspapers, military records, family histories, an extensive Arkansas history and genealogy library, and a collection of Arkansas art and artifacts.

Guidelines for National History Day Travel Grant Program

Grant Program Goals

The Department of Arkansas Heritage has set these goals for National History Day (NHD) Travel Grants:

[ TICK ] Promote education, awareness and enjoyment of primary and secondary sources of history by Arkansas students

[ TICK ] Promote experiences and familiarity with libraries, archives, museums and historic sites by Arkansas students

[ TICK ] Increase ability of Arkansas students to participate in the NHD National Contest

Who May Apply

All travel grant requests must be submitted by an Arkansas public school district, charter school, or private school invited to participate in the NHD National Contest representing Arkansas. Requests submitted by parents and/or guardians will not be considered. Funds will be disbursed to the applicant for the benefit of the specified student. The applicant must verify that 100% of the grant awarded will be used to benefit the traveling student.


Matching funds are not required.

Evaluation Criteria

The NHD National Contest Travel Grant Program is funded by the one-eighth cent conservation tax which is a limited source. Not every applicant can be fully funded. The maximum grant award is $600 per student. All, part or none of the applicant's request may be awarded.

General Conditions

There are six general conditions for eligibility:

* The applicant must be an Arkansas public school, charter school, or private school applying on behalf of students invited to participate in the NHD National Contest representing Arkansas.

* 100% of the grant award must be used to offset expenses related to the cost of the specified student attending NHD National Contest.

* The application must demonstrate the student's use of primary and secondary sources of history.

* The application must demonstrate how the student gained familiarity with libraries, archives, museums or historic sites in preparing the project.

* The applicant must demonstrate familiarity with the grant guidelines, the goals of NHD Travel Grant program and the mission of the Department of Arkansas Heritage which is to identify Arkansas's heritage and enhance the quality of life by the discovery, preservation and presentation of the state's natural, cultural and historic resources.

* Each applicant shall submit documentation required in these guidelines including a portfolio of student work related to the student's NHD project. The portfolio will include these items for each student included in the grant proposal:

* NHD Student Information Sheet (attached)

* Title Page and Process Paper as required by NHD

* Annotated bibliography, as required by NHD

Eligible Expenses

NHD National Contest Travel Grants may only be used to offset expenses associated with the specified student attending and participating in the NHD National Contest. Expenses that will be covered include transportation, lodging and meals while attending the NHD National Contest.

Application Timeline

* Notice of Grant Opportunity will be posted on the Department of Arkansas Heritage website at least 60 days before the submission deadline.

* Submission deadline will be announced in Notice of Grant Opportunity.

* Grants will be awarded within 15 days of application submission deadline. Grant awards are subject to verification of actual expenses.

* Funds will be available after the NHD National contest following the submission of the final travel expenditures and supporting documentation demonstrating actual expenses per student (receipts, etc.). Applicant must submit final travel expenditure documentation within 30 days of the last day of the NHD National Contest or grant award will be rescinded.

Decision Process

Travel Grant applications will be reviewed and evaluated against the goals, evaluation criteria and eligible activities of the grant program by a panel of three or more individuals to be appointed by the Director of the Department of Arkansas Heritage. The panel will include the State Historian or his/her designee. This panel will make the funding decisions. Grants will be awarded based on available funding.

Application - National History Day Travel Grant Program

1. Applicant's name, address, email and telephone number. [Applicant should be an Arkansas public school, charter school or private school applying for the benefit of specified students invited to participate in the NHD National Contest representing Arkansas.]
2. Name and mailing address of traveling student(s) and school/organization attended by student(s) invited to participate in the NHD National Contest representing Arkansas.
3. Total Number of Traveling Students: _____________
4. Estimated Travel Expenses Per Student: ________
5. Total Amount of Grant Request ($600 maximum per student subject to available funding): ____________________
6. Proposed Grant Period (The period during which grant funds will be spent.)

From _________ To____________________________

Month Day Year Month Day Year

To Apply

Applications will be accepted either via the Department of Arkansas Heritage online grant portal or via a paper application. The Notice of Grant Opportunity will specify method for submitting application.

All applicants will be asked to provide the following information for each student receiving travel grant funds:

1. Completed NHD Student Information Sheet as required by National History Day -to be prepared by student.
2. Evidence of selection to attend NHD National Contest
3. Final Travel Expenditures (to be submitted within 30 days after last day of NHD National Contest)

* For each traveling student, provide actual transportation costs. Transportation should be stated in the form of roundtrip miles and not exceed the state government rate per round trip mile for travel by automobile. Airfare/bus fare can be demonstrated by cost to purchase tickets. Provide the "from and to" locations.

* For each traveling student, provide and itemized list of lodging expenditures which include each item, a unit cost, quantity and a total amount.

4. Completed form W-9 demonstrating tax exempt status.
5. Signed Certification of Use of Funds form developed by the Department of Arkansas Heritage.
6. Signed Supplemental Grant Information developed by the Department of Arkansas Heritage.

Department of Arkansas Heritage - NHD Travel Grant Program

Certification for Use of Funds

I certify, to the best of my knowledge and belief, that all criteria and pre-conditions established in the application requesting travel funds for the benefit of student(s) invited to participate in the NHD National Contest have been met. I further certify that any funds received in accordance with the National History Day Travel Grant Program will be used specifically for the purposes listed in the grant award.

_[Name of Program Leader or designated school official]______________________


__(Signature) _________ (Title)_____________(Print Name)___

Supplemental Grant Information - NHD Travel Grant Program

You must provide the following information pertaining to the location (city, county, district) in which the student benefitting from the travel grant resides. Submit this form along with your grant application. Please contact your county clerk's office at your local county courthouse if you do not know who your local government officials are.

Applicant Organization Name: _____________________________________

Applicant's Address: ___________________________________________________

Applicant's City/County: _________________________________________________

Traveling Student Name:_________________________________________________

Traveling Student Address:_______________________________________________

Traveling Student City/County:_____________________________________________

Governing Mayor:_____________________________________________________

County Judge:_________________________________________________________

State Senator:

State Representative:_______________________________________________

*Please note that some cities have multiple districts; please list the one applicable official.

Department of Arkansas Heritage NHD Student Information Sheet

Attachments required: title page, process paper; bibliography


Mailing Address

Parent or Guardian

School District and School (include address)

Teacher and Grade

National History Day Entry Title

Division and Category

I request reimbursement for these travel expenses:

Airfare (anticipated cost)

Mileage by personal auto (anticipated cost)

Other expenses while at the contest: Please list and a cost estimate.

Write a 50-word description of your project

What archives, museums or libraries did you use for your research? (List them here.)

Did you visit any museums, state parks, or other historical locations to gain information about your topic?

Did you conduct an oral history interview or other interview for your research? Please explain with whom and how the interview benefitted your research.

List your two most useful primary sources and two of your most useful secondary sources.


012.02.17 Ark. Code R. § 002

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