143.00.04 Ark. Code R. § 001 - Rule Numbers 10 (2), 12(7)(8), and 24

Current through Register Vol. 2022, No. 3, March, 2022

ACVRB Rule No. 10(2)

New Rule

2. Compensation for funeral expenses of deceased victims may not exceed $7,500.
a. Collateral sources of income such as burial policies, workers' compensation, etc. will be applied towards the total cost of the victim's funeral.
b. Life insurance may not be used as a collateral source when dependents of the deceased victim remain and may benefit from the proceeds of this policy.
c. Life insurance will be utilized as a collateral source and be applied against funeral expenses in those cases involving no surviving dependents.

ACVRB Rule No. 12(7)(8)

New Rule

7. The Board shall make a decision regarding the claim. The claimant/victim shall be mailed notification of the decision within fifteen (15) calendar days by mail. If the claim is denied the claimant/victim will be notified be certified mail, return receipt requested.
8. The claimant shall have the right to appeal decisions of the Board in the manner set forth in Rule No. 14, APPEALS PROCEDURE.

ACVRB Rule No. 24

New Rule

If at the time of the application, the victim or claimant was unable to submit all of the itemized bills, he/she may submit supplemental bills to be considered after the original award. If a victim or claimant has been awarded their original claim at a reduced amount due to contribution, then the Board will note at the time of approval whether or not they will consider any supplemental awards concerning this claim. If the Board determines that supplemental awards will not be considered after the initial award, the Board shall so note at the time of the initial award. Each case will be considered on its own merits.

The total of the original award and any and all supplemental awards may not exceed $10,000.

Supplemental awards may be paid quarterly.

Supplemental bills will be considered only if submitted within one (1) year of:

a. the date of treatment, or notification of payment or denial by a collateral source.


143.00.04 Ark. Code R. § 001

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