153.00.15 Ark. Code R. § 002 - Rules on Display of Campaign Literature on Vehicle of Candidate or Public Official While on State Capitol Grounds

§ 100 Definitions
(a) Candidate - As used in these rules, the term "candidate" means any individual who has knowingly and willingly taken affirmative action, including solicitation of funds, for the purpose of seeking nomination for or election to any public office.
(b) Governmental Body - As used in these rules, the term "governmental body" means any office, department, commission, council, board, committee, legislative body, agency, or other establishment of the executive, judicial, or legislative branch of the state, municipality, county, school district, improvement district, or any political district or subdivision thereof.
(c) Public Office - As used in these rules, the term "public office" means any office created by or under authority of the laws of the State of Arkansas or of a subdivision thereof that is filled by the voters, except a federal office.
(d) Public Official - As used in these rules, the term "public official" means a legislator or any other person holding an elective office of any governmental body, whether elected or appointed to the office, and shall include such persons during the time period between the day they were elected and the date they took office.
§ 101 Prohibition

It is unlawful for a candidate or a public official to display one (1) or more campaign banners, campaign signs, or other campaign literature larger than twelve inches by twelve inches (12" x 12") on a car, truck, tractor, or other vehicle belonging to the candidate or public official on the State Capitol grounds.

§ 102 Enforcement

In accordance with Ark. Code Ann. § 7-6-218, a complaint alleging a violation of Ark. Code Ann. § 7-1-114(a) may be filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission. The complaint process is the subject of Sections (V) - (X) of the Arkansas Ethics Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure.

§ 103 Penalties

If the Ethics Commission finds that a candidate or a public official has committed a violation of Ark. Code Ann. § 7-1-114(a), then it may impose a fine that shall not exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150). The following schedule serves as a guideline in determining the amount of fine:

First Time Violation

$ 75.00

Second Time Violation

$ 100.00

Further Repeated Violation(s)

$ 150.00


153.00.15 Ark. Code R. § 002

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