RULE 002.00.08-006 - Commercial Fishing Regulation

RULE 002.00.08-006. Commercial Fishing Regulation


WHITE RIVER, ARKANSAS RIVER AND BORDER WATERS. It shall be unlawful to commercially take or possess paddlefish (also called spoonbill catfish) or sturgeon, or their parts including eggs (roe), from

(A) That part of the White River, from Hwy 367 bridge at Newport, upstream to the boat ramp at Jacksonport State Park and from the confluence of Black River upstream to Dam 1 at Batesville.

(B) The following border waters with Louisiana: Red River in Hempstead, Lafayette, Little River, and Miller counties; Ouachita River from the Louisiana State Line to 100 yards below Felsenthal Lock and Dam; Bayou Bartholomew from the Louisiana state line to its source in Jefferson County; Bodcau Bayou from the Louisiana state line to the base of Lake Erling Dam; Boeuf River from the Louisiana state line to its source in Chicot County; and Bayou Macon from the Louisiana state line to its source in Desha County.

(C) The portion of the Arkansas River extending from TrimbleLock and Dam upstream to the Arkansas/Oklahoma State line year-round except for during permitted special seasons as determined by the Director of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

PENALTY: $1,000.00 to $2,500.00and fishing privileges may be suspended in accordance with Code 11.05, Revocation of Privileges.


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