RULE 002.00.10-009 - Amend existing agency procedures for conduct of Commission business through the use of committees

RULE 002.00.10-009. Amend existing agency procedures for conduct of Commission business through the use of committees

Committee Structure

1. Standing Committees

2. Special Committees

Standing Committees

1. Budget - oversees budgets, revenue, capital expenditures, and financial statements and projections.

2. Communications & Information Technology - oversees agency needs and strategies for effective internal and public communication, public awareness, and media outreach initiatives.

3. Education - oversees education outreach programs and facilities.

4. Governance - oversees governance, legal, ethics, and audit compliance matters, including internal audit.

5. Personnel - oversees personnel matters.

6. Property Management - oversees the acquisition, disposition, and maintenance of real property and equipment, as well as the operation of Commission facilities.

a. Oil and Gas Subcommittee

7. Regulations - oversees fish and wildlife rules, regulations, and management.

a. Enforcement Subcommittee

b. Fisheries Subcommittee

c. Waterfowl Subcommittee

d. Wildlife Subcommittee

Special Committees

Created ad hoc by decision of the Commission Chair or through majority vote by members of the Commission.


1. Three, four, or five Commissioners shall be appointed per committee. A majority shall constitute a quorum (e.g., 2 for 3-member committee; 3 for 5-member committee).

2. The Commission Chair shall annually name the chair and members of each committee.

3. The Commission Chair shall make assignments of matters to individual committees, including "standing assignments."

4. The Commission Chair may serve in full capacity on any committee, and also may serve in an ex-officio capacity on any or all committees. If serving in an ex-officio capacity, the Commission Chair shall only vote in order to break ties.

5. No matter shall be considered by the Commission unless it receives a "do pass" vote from the responsible committee. A Committee "do pass" recommendation is advisory in nature only and remains subject to a vote of the Commission at a regular or special Commission meeting. This rule may be suspended upon a 2/3 vote of the Commission.

6. Standing committees have initial responsibility for reviewing and approving agency division budgets for their substantive areas.

7. The Committee Chair shall call all committee meetings. If the Chair declines or fails to call a meeting within a reasonable time period after receiving a request from a member, any two or more members may combine to call a meeting. The Commission Secretary shall arrange with staff to notify media and provide agendas of all committee meeting times and locations.

8. Each committee shall have at least one staff liaison designated by the Committee Chair. The staff liaison and other appropriate staff will attend committee meetings, and the staff liaison shall be responsible for preparing minutes of each meeting and promptly submitting the minutes to the Committee Chair for approval and then to the Commission Secretary for recording.

9. Committee meetings may be held by teleconference. Calls will be set up by staff and originate from the Little Rock Building. It is not necessary, but it is desirable for a Commissioner to be present in Little Rock, if possible.

10. Most committee meetings will be held on Wednesday morning before the Thursday Commission Meeting. Committee meetings may be held simultaneously in different Commission rooms, if needed. Committee meetings will also occur on other days as needed.

11. Anytime the Committee Chair can not be present, he will designate a current committee member to serve as acting chair in his absence.

12. All committee meeting agendas will be set by the Committee Chair after consultation with staff and the other committee members. The setting of the agenda falls under the discretion of the Chair, who ordinarily may (or may not) add an item upon request of a single member. However, two or more members may combine, as a matter of right, to require that an item be added to the agenda.

13. Each Committee Chair shall give a report to the full Commission at its next monthly Commission meeting on any action taken by the respective committee.


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