RULE 002.00.12-002 - New Code 01.00-P - No Liability for Wildlife Damages;

RULE 002.00.12-002. New Code 01.00-P - No Liability for Wildlife Damages;


Pursuant to Amendment 35 of the Arkansas Constitution, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is responsible for the control, management, restoration, conservation and regulation of the birds, fish, game and wildlife resources of the State as trustee for the use and common benefit of the people. The Commission fulfills its responsibilities through legal application and administration of the State's wildlife laws and regulations. However, in doing so, it generally is not within the Commission's ability to control the habits or actions of all of the individual wild animals throughout Arkansas so as to prevent them from causing incidental injury or damage. Therefore, it is the policy of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, consistent with the common law of the United States, that neither the Commission while acting in its sovereign capacity as trustee of the State's wildlife resources, nor any of its commissioners or employees, shall be held liable for any claims for personal injury, death, or property damage caused by the actions or habits of wildlife managed for all of the people. .


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