RULE 002.00.13-012 - Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact

RULE 002.00.13-012. Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact


Subject to all applicable statutes and the constitution of the State of Arkansas, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has adopted the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact (Addendum T1.01) and the Wildlife Violator Compact Operations Manual (Addendum U1.01). The Compact is a voluntary interstate agreement which provides participating states with a mechanism to participate in a reciprocal program to:

(1) promote compliance with the statutes, laws, administrative rules and regulations relating to management of wildlife resources in their respective states; and

(2) provide for the fair and impartial treatment of wildlife violators operating within the participating states in recognition of the individual's right of due process and the sovereign status of a party state. The Compact Operations Manual establishes the administrative and procedural guidelines for the Commission's participation in the Compact.

In accordance with the Compact and Compact Operations Manual, the Commission may:

(1) recognize the suspension of revocation of a person's hunting and/or fishing license by another Compact member state and use the Commission's own suspension processes in accordance with Code 01.00-L to impose a suspension of the same scope and duration in Arkansas;

(2) use its own suspension processes in accordance with Code 01.00-L to suspend the Arkansas hunting and fishing licenses of an Arkansas resident who has failed to comply with the terms of a citation for a wildlife offense issued by another Compact member state (including, without limitation, failure to appear in court or to otherwise resolve the case such as by paying a fine), until such time as the resident presents proof of compliance. Any suspension imposed under this provision may be honored by all other Compact member states; and

(3) treat an Arkansas resident's conviction for a wildlife offense in another Compact member state as if it had occurred in Arkansas and proceed in accordance with Code 01.00-K including, without limitation, assessing the number of points listed for the most similar Arkansas offense and initiating an administrative license suspension as provided in Commission Code 01.00-L.

This code shall not apply to any suspensions or convictions that a person received prior to the effective date of Arkansas joining the Compact on July 1, 2014.

To fulfill its obligations under the Compact, the Commission may share information with the other Compact member states including, without limitation, the following: person's name, date of birth, sex, physical description, and last known address, as well as the details of any citations and convictions for wildlife offenses (copy of the citation, citation number, description of the offense, fine assessed, etc.), the scope of any suspension (i.e. fishing, hunting, trapping, or all licenses), and the effective dates of any suspensions. By purchasing a hunting and/or fishing license from the Commission, all purchasers consent to the Commission sharing such information with Compact member states and others as required by law.


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