RULE 002.00.70-001 - Code Book Regulations: 002.00.70-001

RULE 002.00.70-001. Code Book Regulations: 002.00.70-001

Unlawful to hunt squirrel except during the period May 15 through June 15. Daily Limit 8; Possession Limit 16, No dogs allowed.

Closed Areasi

No hunting in State Parks and Federal Refuges,


Unlawful to hunt turkey during 1970 Spring season except as follows:

Open Seasons

Gun Periods: April 1 through April 11 and April 18 through April 26.

Archery Season: April 1 through April 30.

Bag Limits

Gun Season: One gobbler each period

Archery Season: Two gobblers any time except that either sex may be taken in St. Francis National Forest.

Use of blinds, mechanical calls, live decoys, bait, dogs, and rifles prohibited. All turkey killed must be checked with Commission Personnel or authorized check stations*

No:huriting allowed at any time on Brandywine Island, State Parks, Federal Refuges, Arkansas Post National Monument, Zones 1, 8, 9, 13, 19, that part of Monroe County lying north of the Ark.-La. Gas Company pipeline, and that part of Prairie and Arkansas Counties lying west of Highway 11, south of Highway 70, and north of Highway 79-

In addition, following areas are closed during gun periods:

April 1-11: Pike County Wildlife Management Area, Howard County Management Area, and St. Francis National Forest.

April 18 -26: All Wildlife Management Areas except Muddy Creek ; also $t. Francis National Forest- closed.

Following areas closed to Archery Hunting:

April 1 through April 15: Pike and Howard County Wildlife Management Areas.

April 16 through April,^Q* -All Wildlife Management Areas except Muddy Creek,


It shall be unlawful for any unauthorized person to hunt, fish, or otherwise encroach upon the land and water covered by a caged catfish lease agreement on any Game and Fish lake or other public lake the boundary of which is marked with signs and/or a system of floating markers.

PENALTY: Any person violating any part of this section will be subject to a fine of not less than $25.00 and not more than $250.00.


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