RULE 002.00.71-005 - Code Book Regulations: 002.00.71-005

RULE 002.00.71-005. Code Book Regulations: 002.00.71-005



It shall be unlawful to fish in the following named waters with any tackle or equipment whatsoever except rod or pole: Lake Bailey, Lake Bentonville, Craighead Forest Lake, Crowley's Ridge State Park Lake, Lake Lou Emma, Shady Lake, Spring Lake (Yell County), Lake Sylvia, White and Norfork Rivers from Bull Shoals Dam and Norfork Dam to Lock No. 3 on White River, Spring River and tributaries from Dan No. 1 to Dam No. 3, Fourch La Fave River from Nimrod Dam to Highway No. 7 bridge, and the Arkansas River from Dardanelle Dam to Highway No. 7 bridge.

PENALTY: $10.00 - $100.00


Any birds taken from the premises of a commercial shooting resort shall be accompanied by the following written information: name, address and hunting license, number of hunter, number and kind of birds, date taken, and the shooting resort's name, address, and operator.

Failure of the operator to provide this written information to hunters shall be sufficient grounds to cancel the resort's permit and charge the operator with failure to comply with this regulation. PENALTY: $25.00 - $200.00


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