RULE 002.00.71-007 - Code Book Regulations: 002.00.71-007

RULE 002.00.71-007. Code Book Regulations: 002.00.71-007


It shall be unlawful to hunt deer in any manner in the Sylamore Game Management Area except as follows: November 8 through November 13 and November 22 through November 27, with any legal weapon, bucks only may be killed and no dogs are allowed; special permit muzzle loading rifle hunt, October 9 through October 17. Only weapons allowed will be muzzle loading rifles fired by flintlock or percussion cap, with not smaller bore than forty caliber using a single ball or slug. No dogs allowed. Limit is one deer of either sex and a regular hunting license is required in addition to the $5.00 permit. Any deer killed is a bonus in addition to the normal limit.


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