RULE 002.00.85-003 - Code Book Regulations: 002.00.85-003

RULE 002.00.85-003. Code Book Regulations: 002.00.85-003

GAME ANIMALS - Black bear, bobcat,

coyote, deer, fox, mink, opossum,

rabbit, raccoon, and squirrel.

GAME BIRDS - Turkey, quail, pheasant,

chuckar, and all birds classified by the U- S. Fish and Wildlife Service as migratory game birds.

GAME FISH - Black Bass, white bass,

striped bass, striped bass hybrid,

crappie, catfish, trout, bream,

sunfish, goggle-eye, wall-eye, northern pike, muskellunge, sauger, and pickerel.

GUIDE - A person uho helps or aids, for hire, another person to hunt or fish.

HUNT - The search or pursuit of wildlife with the purpose of taking or attempting to take by any method with intent to reduce to possession.

KILLING DEVICE - Any firearm, bow and arrow, crossbow, pellet gun, or any other device capable of killing wildlife.

NON-RESIDENT - Any person not defined as 'resident'.

NUISANCE ANIMALS - Any wild animal creating a problem by committing damage to personal property (Depredation

Permit available).


muskrat, and nutria.

PAY LAKE - Private waters open to public fishing for a fee, after being licensed by the Commission and where no fishing license or daily limit of fish is imposed.

PEN-RAISED QUAIL - Quail that Are

hatched from eggs of quail raised in captivity in pens or cages.

PERSON - Any individual, firm,

corporation, association, or partnership in singular or plural as the context requires.

POSSESS - To have under control or on the person, in a vehicle, in a boat, or in a camp.

PROTECTED GAME SPECIES - Any game species of which the taking is prohibited or limited by seasons.

RESIDENT - All persons uho have established a bona fide or actual residence of at least 60 days prior to applying for a license, and who declare their intentions of becoming a citizen of Arkansas.

Possession of Arkansas real estate by persons living outside the state does not qualify the owner as a resident.

Servicemen and women stationed

(permanently assigned) in Arkansas are granted resident privileges for hunting and fishing. Servicemen and women who were Arkansas residents at the time of entering service Are also granted resident privileges for hunting and fishing, regardless where stationed.

ROUGH FISH - fill fish not declared to be game fish.

SNAGLINE - Commercial tackle consisting of a horizontal line with hooks or drops less than 24 inches apart.

TACKLE - Any rod, reel, pole, line,

net, yo-yo, seine, or any other apparatus or device used to take fish.

TAKE - To shoot, kill, trap, snare,

catch, or otherwise reduce to possession.

TO FISH - To catch, attempt to catch,

kill, collect, net, trap, spear or otherwise attempt to reduce to possession.

WATERS. OF THE STATE - All streams,

lakes, sloughs, bayous, marshes, or any other water wholly or partially within the State. Pay lakes and fish farms are excluded from the above.

WILDLIFE - Any protected animal, bird,

fish, frog, or reptile.


Designated areas set aside by the

Commission and distinguished by certain markers. (Referred to as "WMA" or


ZONE - Any area defined or delineated by the Commission where hunting and/or fishing activities apg regulated for that specific area.


01.00-0 Any equipment, including but not limited to guns, boats, lights, motors, or vehicles used in willful and deliberate violation of Commission Code 02.13 (Bear Hunting Season), 04.05 (Wild Turkey Hen Restrictions), 06-05 (Taking of Doe Deer Prohibited), 18.02 (Night Hunting Prohibited), 32.01 (Electrical Devices for Taking Fish Prohibited), 32.02 (Taking Fish Uith Firearms And Explosives Prohibited), 32.03 (Use of Toxic, Stupefying* or Killing Substances For Taking Fish Prohibited), 32.04 (Trapping Fish Prohibited) and 41.03 (Illegal Commercial Tackle), may be seized and disposed of according to Commission policy. Upon conviction of the defendant or defendants, the court having jurisdiction may order title to said equipment forfeited to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission with disposal of confiscated equipment and wildlife to be determined by the count to the benefit of the Commission. Equipment confiscated may be advertised and sold at public auction with the proceeds of the sale to be applied to the Game Protection Fund

Seizure of tackle, equipment and/ar wildlife: Any unlicensed or illegal tackle, traps or devices in violation of Commission regulations along with -any wildlife taken unlawfully by an individual or individuals shall be seized by Wildlife Officers and disposed of according to Commission policy


01.00-E Wildlife, or parts thereof, taken in violation of State Laws or regulations and transported across statelines is a violation of Federal Laws.

Section 02.00 Game Seasons and Bag Limits

(7) In compliance with Commission Code Section 35-01 (Spear Fishing);

(8) In compliance with Commission Code 34-00 (Put-and-Take Pay Lake Requirements);

(9) Catfish daily limit .five (5) an Lake Bailey-Conway County; Lake Bennett-Faulkner County; Lake Bentonville-Benton County, Crowley Ridge State Park Lake - Green County? Devils Den State Park Lake - Washington County, Gunner Pool --Stone County? Lake Lou Emma -Crawford County; Shady Lake - Polk County; Spring Lake - Yell County; Lake Sylvia - Perry County, Hubble Lake - Clay County; Village Creek State Park Lake - Cross and St. Francis Counties; Old Davidsonville State Park Randolph County; Hindsville Lake -Madison County-

(10) Black Bass Daily Limit five (5) on Lake Lou Emma -Crawford County.

PENALTY: $25.00 to $250,, 00.

31.02 BLACK BASS MINIMUM LENGTH ON CERTAIN LAKES, It shall be unlawful to possess black bass less than twelve (12) inches in length on Beaver Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Barnett (White County Lake),Lake Norfork, and Table Rock Lake or to possess more than two (2) black bass of any species less than fifteen (15) inches in length on Lake Maume lie (Pulaski county). PENALTY: $25.00 to"$250.00

31.03 TROUT PERMIT REQUIREMENT: It shall be unlawful for persons 16 or more years of age to retain trout from state waters without first obtaining and validating by signature, a current trout permit,. EXCEPTION:

(1) In compliance with Commission Code Section 34.00 Put-and-Take Pay Lake Requirements. PENALTY: $25.00 to $350.00

31.04 GIGGING OF GAME FISH PROHIBITED. It shall be unlawful to gig game fish at any time.

PENALTY: $50.00 to $300.00,.


PROHIBITED- It shall be unlawful to noodle or snag game fish.


(1) If snagged from bank within 100 yards below a dam.

(2) If snagged from a boat located or anchored from 100 yards below all 1ocks and dams on the Arkansas River to the downstream entrance point of the lock structure and from 100 yards below Dam and number (2) to the boat launching ramps immediately below the dam.


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