RULE 004.00.12-001 - AR 400 Security

RULE 004.00.12-001. AR 400 Security

DOC 400 Security


The Board of Corrections and is vested with the authority to promulgate Administrative Regulations by Act 50 of 1968, Extraordinary Session, as amended; Acts 548 and 549 of 1993, Regular Session (Ark. Code Ann. ss 16-93-1203 and 12-27-105 of 1993).


To provide security procedures for the department.


Security is the responsibility of every employee regardless of his/her job classification.


To ensure that all correctional facilities provide appropriate security measures and that all staff members are apprised of such measures.


The warden/center supervisor of each facility will establish in writing detailed security regulations and procedures for all area of his/her facility. Such regulations and procedures will be formulated to ensure maximum protection to the citizens of the State of Arkansas and to the employees and offenders of the facility. These regulations will be available to all employees of the facility.

It is essential that detailed emergency procedures are issued in the same manner as general security regulations so that employees will know exactly what to do in case of fire, escape, natural disaster or serious disturbance.

A. All employees entering and leaving the facility shall show proper identification, and each employee shall be subject to a physical search in accordance with rules established by the warden/center supervisor in concern with department policy. Persons and vehicles (including the contents of same) entering or leaving the enclosure of any security facility or grounds shall be subject to being thoroughly searched to ensure that no unauthorized persons or items or contraband enter or leave the facility and that no state property is misappropriated and removed from the facility.

B. In the event of a general emergency, appropriate weapons shall be issued in accordance with facility emergency plans.

C. Poisons, combustibles, explosives and inflammables must be used with extreme care and only under the close supervision of an employee. When not in use, such items must be stored and locked in a place and manner that will make them inaccessible to offenders.

D. Tools, knives and implements used in an area of the facility must be inventoried and employees must be able to account for such items at all times.

When not in use, such items are also to be locked in a place and manner that will make them inaccessible to offenders. Loss or theft of any such item must be reported immediately to the warden/center supervisor and/or to any other individual(s) he/she designates.

E. All employees, including those off duty and those living on institutional rounds, are subject to call on a 24-hour-a-day basis and may be assigned to security duties in an emergency situation.

F. All employees will be responsible for reporting their current home addresses and telephone numbers to the warden/center supervisor.


ACA Standards:

Board Approval Date: 09/24/2012

Effective Date: 10/04/2012

Supersedes: DOC 400

Dated: 03/10/1994


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