RULE 004.00.14-002 - AR 017: Critical Incident Review

RULE 004.00.14-002. AR 017: Critical Incident Review

017 Critical Incident Review


The Board of Correction is vested with the authority to promulgate this administrative regulation by Ark. Code Ann. ss 12-27-105 (Michie Supp. 1995).


To assess the adequacy of the Emergency Preparedness Plan and its implementation in situations where unexpected threat to, or loss of, life has occurred within the Arkansas Department of Correction, Critical Incident Reviews may be ordered by the Director.


Critical Incident: Usuallv a critical incident will meet the following criteria:

A. An employee, inmate, volunteer, or visitor has died or sustained serious injury

B. Occurred on property of the Arkansas Department of Correction

C. Occurred while being transported in a vehicle operated by ADC staff or inmate

D. The event is not associated with known criminal actions or rule violations by staff

E. Questions exist regarding response to the event or prevention of similar events.

However, any incident to which the Director wishes to apply this procedure will be considered a critical incident.

Critical Incident Review Committee: A committee of ADC staff appointed by the Director drawing normally from the following areas:

A. Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

B. Internal Affairs

C. Warden/Center Supervisor or Assistant Warden

D. Medical Services

E. Mental Health Services

F. Other staff as deemed appropriate by the Director.


A. The Director shall use his/her discretion in ordering a Critical Incident Review. The Director may review requests for Critical Incident Reviews originating from Administrators, Wardens and Center Supervisors and forwarded through the appropriate Deputy/Assistant Directors.


C. If the Director determines that the facts warrant a Critical Incident Review, the Director will select and notify the individuals to be on the Critical Incident Review Committee. The Director will also advise the Management Team that a Critical Incident has been authorized.

D. The Critical Incident Review Committee, acting under the authority of the Director, will conduct such interviews and gather such documentation as necessary to determine the facts related to the incident.

E. Should the Critical Incident Review Committee have good cause to suspect that criminal activity has occurred, the Administrator of Internal Affairs will be immediately notified, and the Director will make a determination as to whether to continue the Critical Incident Review or refer the matter to the State Police or Internal Affairs for Investigation.

F. The Critical Incident Review Committee will usually finish its work within 45 days, and the Chair will cause a report to be written which outlines the facts and recommendations. Should additional time be needed, the Chair will notify the Director and provide an expected completion date.

G. Copies of all records and tapes of interviews from which the facts and recommendations have been drawn will be retained by Internal Affairs. A copy of the summary and recommendations will be forwarded to the Deputy/Assistant Director who originally requested the Critical Incident Review and the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. The Deputy/Assistant Director and the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator will work with staff to develop an action plan and make any changes warranted to the Emergency Preparedness Plan.

H. The summary, recommendations and action plan will be made known to the Management Team for review and to determine the feasibility of implementation. The Director will set a review date to ensure that recommendations approved by the Management Team are implemented in the designated time frame.

I. Portions of this review may be considered performance evaluation records when describing individual employee actions.

Board Approval Date: 04/29/2014

Effective Date: 05/09/2014

Supersedes: 017

Dated: 10/07/1996


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