RULE 004.00.20-065 - AR 002 Authority of Unit Wardens, Centers Supervisors, Administrators, or Designees

RULE 004.00.20-065. AR 002 Authority of Unit Wardens, Centers Supervisors, Administrators, or Designees


The Director shall delegate authority to the Unit Wardens/Center Supervisors/Administrators or appropriate administrative designees to act on all matters related to the unit/center operational areas, to manage all programs, activities, inmates, personnel and volunteers connected with the unit/center/operational areas.


All units of the Arkansas Department of Correction shall have a Unit Warden who is in charge and an Assistant Warden to whom is delegated the authority in the absence of the Unit Warden. All centers/operations have a Center Supervisor/Administrator who is in charge or, in his/her absence, a designee who has been approved for the delegated authority. One of these individuals must be on call at all times and in charge of the affairs of the unit/center/operations.

A. During the absence of the Unit Warden from the unit's grounds, the Assistant Warden/designee shall be in complete charge of the unit.

B. During the absence of the Center Supervisor/Administrator from the center/operations' grounds, a designee will be in complete charge of the center/operations.

C. The Unit Warden/Center Supervisor/Administrator shall submit a list of staff members who may be designated as the duty Warden/designee in his/her absence from the unit/center/operations to the Director for review and approval. The list will consist of the employee's full name, job title, home address, and telephone number, and updated when changes occur.

D. When the Unit Warden/Center Supervisor/Administrator is absent from a unit/center/ operation for an extended period of time, the appropriate Assistant Director and/or the Director shall be notified.

Board Approval Date: 8/22/88

Effective Date: 2/23/89

(Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume MMXXI Number 7, Effective 2/23/1989)

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