RULE 004.00.20-094 - AR 005 Reporting of Incidents

RULE 004.00.20-094. AR 005 Reporting of Incidents


To ensure that all significant events or situations occurring within the Arkansas Division of Correction are completely documented by the employees involved, and that all appropriate personnel are informed of the incident in a timely manner.


A. Every employee is required to fully document any of the following incidents, whether he/she is a participant or simply observes the situation:

1. any disturbance;

2. an inmate assault on another inmate;

3. an inmate assault on an employee;

4. use of force by an employee on an inmate;

5. an inmate suicide attempt;

6. escapes or unauthorized absences;

7. inmate or employee deaths;

8. major property loss or damage;

9. the personal knowledge of inmate or staff giving false information;

10. a violation of any Division policy;

11. any inmate or employee actions which could lead to criminal charges.

B. The employee shall complete the attached Form F-005/409-1 as soon as practical. This report shall be promptly entered in the Electronic Offender Management System and forwarded to the Unit Warden/Center Supervisor/Administrator.

C. The Unit Warden/Center Supervisor/Administrator shall forward all incident reports of use of force by an employee on an inmate to the appropriate Deputy Director. All other reports of a serious nature, as so determined by the Unit Warden/Center Supervisor/Administrator, shall also be forwarded to the Deputy Director and incident notification list.

D. The Director shall issue an Administrative Directive to ensure that all notifications are made and recorded appropriately.

(Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume MMXX Number 8, Effective 2/9/2020)

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