RULE 004.00.20-068 - AR 013 Staff Training

RULE 004.00.20-068. AR 013 Staff Training


It shall be the policy of the Department to provide the Department of Correction employees with necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish Departmental goals. The ADC Training Academy shall initiate, coordinate and maintain staff training programs for all employees and coordinate institutionally-based training.


A. Pre-service training programs for all new employees are to be conducted by the Training Academy staff.

1. Pre-service training will provide each new employee with an orientation to the purposes, goals, policies, procedures and practices of the Department, divisions, units and centers.

2. Security personnel must complete the pre-service training program prior to receiving a job assignment. However, this does not involve assignments that are a part of an on-the-job training program.

B. All in-service training is to be coordinated and documented with the Training Academy staff.

1. In-service training for experienced employees shall include, but not be limited to the following:

a. Up-to-date information on correctional procedures and practices.

b. Training in necessary skills or program assignments.

2. Specific skill training necessary for the employee to function efficiently in the assigned position. This shall include, but not be limited to the following:

a. Basic security skills, including the use of firearms, gas, search procedures, restraint techniques, crowd and riot control, policy and procedures, storage of equipment, group management, and use of necessary force.

b. Basic human relations skills.

c. To provide training to selected employees, to provide career ladder programs, to make available training programs for voluntary participation, and to provide any and all other training necessary for the advancement of ADC employees.

C. The administration of training grants will be the responsibility of the Training Academy.

Board Approval Date: 9/30/88

Effective Date: 10/12/88

(Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume MMXXI Number 7, Effective 10/12/1988)

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