RULE 004.00.20-010 - AR 210 Relationships and Transactions with Inmates

RULE 004.00.20-010. AR 210 Relationships and Transactions with Inmates


Department of Correction employees shall maintain a courteous and professional demeanor in their association with inmates, parolees and probationers at all times, and shall adhere strictly tot he Department's rules concerning the relationship to be observed by personnel toward inmates, parolees and probationers, their families, friends, and ex-inmates.


1. Association with inmates, parolees and probationers, their families and friends -

a. Personnel shall not trade or barter, transmit messages, or become unduly familiar in any manner with inmates, parolees, and probationers.

b. Personnel shall in no way contact or correspond with any member of an inmate's, parolee's, or probationer's family or with any person on an inmate's approved visiting or correspondence list, unless their assigned duties require it, or permission has been granted by his/her director or administrator.

2. Association with ex-inmates, parolees, or probationers -

a. Unless their assigned duties require it or permission has been granted by his/her appointing authority, personnel shall not, in any way, deliberately contact or correspond with ex-inmates, parolees, probationers or with any member of their family.

(1) Copies of any correspondence to ex-inmates, parolees, probationers or their families shall be sent to the employee's supervisor.

(2) If an employee is contacted under any circumstances by an ex-inmate, parolee, probationer or a member of his/her family, the employee shall immediately report this fact to the director and/or administrator in charge.

b. Association between personnel and ex-inmates, parolees, or probationers in normal community activities involving groups such as churches, PTA, etc., is authorized. Business relationships, partnerships, loaning of money, close personal associations, dating or marriage, and legal or financial transactions of any sort are prohibited.

Board Approval Date: 5-31-80

Effective Date:6-5-80

(Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume MMXXI Number 7, Effective 6/5/1980)

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