RULE 004.00.20-013 - AR 213 Hunting and Fishing Privileges

RULE 004.00.20-013. AR 213 Hunting and Fishing Privileges


It shall be the policy of the Arkansas Department of Correction that all hunting and fishing on Department property will be restricted to employees of the Department and their immediate families.


1. For the purpose of this rule, the employee's immediate family will be defined as parents, grandparents, children, spouse, brother, sister, in-laws or any individual acting as a parent or guardian of the employee.

2. All hunting and fishing privileges will be under the authority of respective wardens and will be regulated based on security needs of the unit.

3. Wardens are authorized to withdraw hunting and/or fishing privileges of any employee for violation of security procedures and/or abuse of privileges.

4. Wardens may authorize fishing passes for inmates.

Exceptions to the policy may be authorized only by the Director.

Board Approval Date: 8/30/80

Effective Date: 8/27/80

(Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume MMXXI Number 7, Effective 8/27/1980)

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