RULE 004.00.20-028 - AR 864 Publications

RULE 004.00.20-028. AR 864 Publications


The Board of Corrections is vested with the authority to promulgate this Administrative Rule pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated Section 12-27-105.


This policy applies to employees and inmates of the Arkansas Department of Correction.


Publications: Books, magazines, catalogs, advertising brochures, religious tracts, newspapers or the like.


The Arkansas Department of Correction shall have an Administrative Directive that will establish the process by which it determines whether or not a publication may be received by the inmate population. Inmates may receive publications from recognized commercial, religious or charitable outlets. All publications are subject to inspection and may be rejected if found to be detrimental to the security, discipline or good order of the institution, or if it is harmful to the goal of rehabilitation, or if it proposes, condones or provides information likely to facilitate criminal activity.

Board Approval Date: 1-18-07

Effective Date: 3-19-07

(Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume MMXXI Number 7, Effective 3/19/2007)

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