RULE 004.00.20-031 - AR 876 Inmate Emergency Work Assignments During Disasters

RULE 004.00.20-031. AR 876 Inmate Emergency Work Assignments During Disasters


To establish uniform procedures and ensure the safety and security of all inmates, staff and community when assisting the Office of Emergency Services and/or National Guard in times of disaster in the State of Arkansas, as requested by the Chief Executive Officer of the State.


A. All requests for disaster assistance must be referred to the Director, (Assistant Directors in the absence of the Director), who has the authority to gather information, determine priority(ies), and to approve or deny those requests.

In death threatening situations or extreme emergencies where immediate responses are called for, authorization may be given by the Warden/Center Supervisor of the unit/center closest to the disaster site, while notifying the Director.

The uniform procedures are:

1. When requests for assistance are denied, the Director or designee will explain the denial to the requesting agency.

2. The Director or his designee, upon approval, will determine which unit(s)/center(s) will participate, (based on the location of the disaster), the security classification of inmates, and the number needed to perform the work.

3. The appropriate Warden/Center Supervisor or his/her designee will be notified by the Director or his designee and will initiate the process of forming an Inmate Emergency Work Crew in accordance with unit/center Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

B. The Department is subject to 24-hour call for disaster related assistance with institutional security and staff/inmate safety being given top priority.

After the Director or his designee's approval, every effort will be made by the Arkansas Department of Correction to have the Inmate Emergency Work Crew en route to the designated work site within three (3) hours maximum.

C. Inmates will work only in areas where the requesting official has responsibility and authority. The requesting official must have primary authority in the specific disaster area, e.g., the county judge within a county, the mayor within the city limits or a state department head on his/her departmental grounds. The Director or his designee will ascertain the contact person and inform the appropriate Warden/Center Supervisor accordingly.

1. The scope of work includes clearing only rights of way or other public facilities. A right of way is defined as a corridor purchased for public use, to construct or build and maintain a road facility for public use, to construct or build and maintain a road facility for public use, e.g., highways, roads, streets, driveways and walkways. (ADC Inmate Emergency Work Crews will not work on private property under any circumstances.)

2. Working hours will be determined considering good security and inmate safety.

3. In assisting during a disaster, the Arkansas Department of Correction will furnish the following:

a. Inmate Emergency Work Crew(s)

b. Supervisory and security staff during work

c. Transportation of inmates and staff to and from work sites

d. Appropriate hand tools (axe, shovel, hoes)

4. Meals and lodging for inmates and staff, if needed, must be provided by the requesting agency. The requesting agency will be required to provide transportation for inmates and staff to and from work sites and appropriate hand tools, if these cannot be furnished by the Arkansas Department of Correction.

D. The Warden/Center Supervisor for each unit/center is responsible for developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure smooth implementation of this rule. The Warden/Center Supervisor will provide the Director and Assistant Directors with copies of the SOP.

E. The Department of Correction will work with the requesting agency on details and handling the reimbursement of Arkansas Department of Correction expenses.

Board Approval Date: 02/04/83

Effective Date: 5/24/83

(Adopted by Arkansas Register Volume MMXXI Number 7, Effective 5/24/1983)

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