RULE 004.00.90-010 - Act 309 Program

RULE 004.00.90-010. Act 309 Program

1212 Act 309 Program

I. AUTHORITY: The authority of the Board of Correction to promulgate this Administrative Regulation is confirmed in Act 50 of 1968, as amended by Act 309 of 1983.

II. PURPOSE: To establish regulations pursuant to Act 309 of 1983, and to delineate the cooperative agreement to be executed.

III. APPLICABILITY: To Departmental staff, inmates meeting criteria and county officials (sheriffs).

IV. POLICY: It shall be the policy of the Department to allow the Director to sign cooperative agreements between county officials and the Department of Correction for the purpose of providing additional space for the care and custody of State inmates on a temporary basis in county jails.


1. The Assistant Director of Field Services shall be responsible for conducting the program including ascertaining and promoting the sheriff's interest in the program and to ensure that an appropriate contract is provided to all interested sheriffs.

2. A cooperative agreement will be executed between the county and the Arkansas Department of Correction pursuant to Act 309 of 1983.

3. An Administrative Directive will be formulated to outline the procedures to be followed pertaining to Act 309 of 1983.

Board of Correction Approval Date: 3/30/90

Attorney General Review Date: 3/30/90

Date Filed Secy, of State: 4/2/90


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