RULE 004.00.90-009 - Boot Camp Program

RULE 004.00.90-009. Boot Camp Program

AR 888 Boot Camp Program

I. Authority: The authority of the Board of Correction to promulgate this Administrative Regulation is confirmed in Act 50 of 1968 as amended and Act 492 of 1989.

II. Purpose: To establish policy concerning the operation of a boot camp program.

III. Applicability: To eligible inmates and department staff.

IV. Policy: It shall be the policy of the Department of Correction to allow selected inmates of the same sex to voluntarily participate in a 105-day (15 weeks) program of intensive behavior modification in an arduous, physically demanding, military-like environment, otherwise known as a "boot camp." The Boot Camp Program is an intensified correctional program to deter repetition of criminal behavior and illegal drug use reducing the need for long term incarceration. Upon successful completion of the program, as described in the Boot Camp Program Manual, the inmate will be administratively transferred to supervision in the community.

V. Procedures:

Only offenders who have not been previously incarcerated for a felony in an adult facility and are serving sentences of ten years or less for non-violent offenses, as described in the Boot Camp Program Manual will be eligible for the program. The following procedures have been established for the selection of inmates to be assigned to the program.

A. Non-Eligibility:

1. Inmates who represent an unacceptable threat to the public will be ineligible for the program.

2. Inmates having an undisposed felony detainer filed against them will be ineligible to participate in the program.

3. Inmates who are determined by the Medical or Mental Health personnel to be unfit for the arduous physical and psychological demands of the program will not be considered for the program.

4. Inmates, determined by the Selection Committee, likely to be disruptive to the necessary smooth functioning of the program will not be considered.

B. Eligibility:

1. The inmate must be serving his first incarceration for a felony in an adult correctional facility.

2. The inmate must be serving a sentence of ten years or less.

3. The inmate must be eligible for minimum security status. A risk assessment profile system will be utilized to assist in this determination.

4. The inmate must volunteer for the Boot Camp program and agree to abide by all rules and regulations established by the Department.

5. The inmate must agree to an approved in-state release plan upon release.

C. Assessment and Assignment:

Inmates received by the Department who meet the eligibility requirements and apply will be assessed by the staffing team at the Diagnostic Unit to determine probable success in such a program. Applications which receive favorable recommendations will be forwarded to the Classification Administrator for review and approval/disapproval, then forwarded to the Director or his designee for approval/disapproval for assignment to the Boot Camp program.

D. Program Participation Agreement:

Inmates who are approved for program participation will agree to abide by all Department of Correction rules and will agree to participate in self-improvement programs and work programs at the Boot Camp. Inmates who, once assigned, violate rules and regulations, drop out and/or refuse to continue with the program are subject to disciplinary action and reassignment to the normal routine for general population confinement as recommended by Boot Camp Committee.

E. Reconsideration Ineligibility:

Any inmate, during orientation, may choose to participate or not to participate in the program. Those who choose not to participate or who once assigned are found guilty of a disciplinary, or drop out of the program for whatever reason become ineligible to be reconsidered for the Boot Camp Program.

The following exceptions may apply:

Participants who become temporarily unable to continue in the program because of illness or injury may be considered for reassignment to the program.

Participants who demonstrate an appropriate attitude but lack the aptitude to finish the program in the designated time frame may be recycled in order to complete the program.

The Boot Camp Committee will evaluate each case and make it's recommendation to the Unit Classification Committee.

F. Program Completion and Release:

Inmates who successfully complete the Boot Camp Program will sign a condition of release contract and will be administratively transferred to supervision in the community as determined by Field Services staff.

G. Violation of Release Contract:

Violation of the release contract may be grounds for the inmate to receive enhanced supervision, be placed in an half-way house/residential type treatment program, or be reincarcerated following a violation hearing by a Hearing Officer.

H. Credit for Good Time:

Inmates assigned to the Boot Camp program will earn good time in accordance with established policy. Inmates completing the program will be promoted to Class I-A upon release to community supervision.

I. The procedures for the program will be outlined in a Boot Camp Program Manual, Adminstrative Directives and/or Memoranda.

Board of Correction Approval Date: March 30, 1990

Attorney General Review Date: 3/30/90

Date Filed Secy, of State: 4/2/90


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