RULE 004.00.91-005 - Funds/Clothing for Released Inmates

RULE 004.00.91-005. Funds/Clothing for Released Inmates

814 Funds/Clothing for Released Inmates


The Board of Correction is vested with the authority to promulgate this Administrative Regulation by Act 50 of 1968, First Extraordinary Session, as amended.


This Administrative Regulation establishes the policy by which the Arkansas Department of Correction provides funds and required clothing to inmates upon release from custody of the Arkansas Department of Correction.


This Administrative Regulation applies to departmental staff and all inmates.


A. Release:

1. An inmate who is discharged from Department of Correction jurisdiction due to expiration of sentence.

2. An inmate who is paroled as determined by Arkansas Codes.


To provide funds and required clothing to inmates upon release from custody of the Arkansas Department of Correction.


A. Funds

Funds will be provided for the sole purpose of securing transportation from a unit/center of the Department of Correction to the inmate's place of residence.

1. Inmates who are to be released to a detainer will not be provided funds upon release from custody of the Department of Correction.

2. Inmates participating in the Department of Correction Work/Study Release Program immediately preceding release will not be provided funds upon release from the custody of the Department of Correction unless an exception is made by the Director.

3. Inmates who have not been incarcerated in a Department of Correction prison facility will not be provided funds upon release.

4. Upon release, each inmate, unless disqualified to receive funds as specified in VI. A. (1), (2), and (3), will receive an amount approved by the Board of Correction from sources of funds as determined by the Director to be allowable within current and future budgetary constraints of the Department. Issuance of checks to accomplish the intent of this Administrative Regulation will be accomplished in accordance with the procedures established by the Department's Administrative Services Division.

B. Clothing

In the event of legitimate need for issuance of clothing to the inmate, clothing will be provided from other than state supported sources.

Upon being notified of an inmate's release date, the Warden/Center Supervisor or his/her designee will determine the inmate's need for clothing upon the inmates's release. The inmate should be asked if he/she desires such clothing and, if so, his/her wardrobe should be examined to determine whether or not there is legitimate need. This determination is based on what personal clothing he/she has and its condition. If deemed necessary, the Department of Correction will furnish the proper size clothing appropriate for the season and current weather conditions.

Board of Correction Approval Date: 02/26/91

Attorney General Review Date: 02/26/91

Date Filed Secy of State: 02/27/91

Supersedes: AR 814

Dated: 07/13/85


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