RULE 004.00.91-019 - Transitional Living Programs

RULE 004.00.91-019. Transitional Living Programs

889 Transitional Living Programs


The Board of Correction is vested with the authority to promulgate Administrative Regulations by Act 50 of 1968, First Extraordinary Session, as amended.


To formulate the process by which transitional living programs are established, the selection criteria for participation in such projects, and the interaction between such programs and certain operations of the Department of Correction and the Board of Parole and Community Rehabilitation.


To all staff preparing release plans and/or supervising releasees, and to such inmates, parolees and releasees found to meet the eligibility criteria for participation in transition living programs; to any individual, entity or agency outside the Department establishing or operating a transitional living program, as defined below.


A. Transitional Living Program: A transitional living program provides residential care or day reporting, supervision and treatment or guidance in the community to assist in establishing the controls and skills needed for successful reintegration into society.

B. Eligibility criteria: Criteria separately established for each type of transitional living program and approved by the Board of Correction, the Board of Parole and Community Rehabilitation, and the operating authority of the program to determine which inmates, releasees and parolees may be considered for referral to that program.


It shall be the policy of the Department of Correction to develop and to encourage the development of such transitional living programs which will enhance the mission of the agency in successfully restoring offenders to responsible and productive roles in society. Access to these programs and supervision of participants shall be structured so as to maximize the effectiveness of the program and the safety of the community.


A. A statement of eligibility requirements, operating procedures, and points of interface with the Department and the Board of Parole and Community Rehabilitation shall be written as an Administrative Directive for each type of program.

B. This program information shall be reviewed by the Assistant Director for Field Services and the Assistant Director for Treatment Services, who will make recommendations to the Director. Representatives from the Board of Parole and Community Rehabilitation shall also review the program and send their recommendations to the Assistant Director of Field Services who will present the combined information to the Director for approval.

C. If approved for operation, a written referral agreement will be established with any transitional living program not operated by the Department of Correction. This agreement will clearly state applicable rules and expectations.

D. The roles of staff responsible for selection and supervision of releasees referred to transitional living programs shall be established by the Assistant Directors of Field Services and Treatment Services and communicated to program operators, involved staff, and those making application for participation in the transitional living program.

E. The standard operating procedures of any transitional living program shall be furnished to all staff empowered to make referrals to the program, or authorized to discuss the program with individuals who may be referred.

F. Criteria for termination and the consequences of withdrawal from the transitional living program shall also be stated in writing.

G. Requirements and procedures for aftercare shall be established by the Assistant Directors for Field Services and Treatment Services.

H. Provisions for participant tracking and program evaluation shall be set up through Administrative Services.

Board of Correction Approval Date: 8/28/91

Attorney General Review Date: 8/28/91

Date Filed Secy, of State: 8/29/91


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