RULE 004.00.92-011 - Choir Engagements

RULE 004.00.92-011. Choir Engagements

875 Choir Engagements

I. POLICY: To permit selected inmates to participate in worthwhile community and civic functions which can benefit the inmate, the Department of Correction, and the community.


A. The Warden/Center Supervisor of each unit/center that has been authorized a choir by the Director may permit off-premises choir engagements whenever such engagements do not unduly burden the overall mission and security of the unit/center, and provided the inmate's custodial status allows him/her to leave the unit/center.

B. Choir engagements are permitted for community, public, and church functions but shall be restricted from appearing or participating in political or private functions. The choir will not be permitted to appear in places where alcoholic beverages are consumed or sold.

C. The Warden/Center Supervisor shall assure that appropriate security measures are taken for any choir trip.

D. The promoter of the event shall make all necessary arrangements with the Warden/Center Supervisor of the respective unit/center.

E. Any donation to the choir shall be made payable, by check or money order, to the Department of Correction/Inmate Welfare Fund - Choir, and will be forwarded to the Central Office Business Division after the performance is completed.

Board of Correction Approval Date: 3/29/84

Attorney General Review Date: 3/29/74

Date Filed Secy, of State: 7/6/84


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