RULE 004.00.92-004 - Use of Restraints

RULE 004.00.92-004. Use of Restraints

403 Use of Restraints


The authority of the Board of Correction to promulgate this Administrative Regulation is vested in Act 50 of 19 68, First Extraordinary Session, as amended.


To provide Department of Correction personnel or contracted staff guidance regarding the use of restraints.


Wardens/center supervisors; chief administrative officers; security personnel; any staff required to restrain inmates in the performance of their duties; and inmates.


A. Restraints: Security equipment used to prevent escape, assault, or the commission of some other offense by violent or disruptive inmates; and to protect employees, inmates, and other individuals.


It shall be the policy of the Department of Correction to use restraints only when circumstances require the protection of inmates, staff, or other individuals from potential harm or to deter the possibility of escape.


A. Use of Equipment

1. Upon the determination of the warden/center supervisor, chief administrative officer, or designee, handcuffs and/or leg irons may be utilized when escorting/moving inmates within or on a unit/center.

a. Leg irons may also be utilized to provide additional security.

2. Handcuffs and/or security belts may be employed to restrain any inmate in segregation when said inmate is moved within the unit/center.

3. Restraint devices shall not be removed until the inmate is placed in a secure area or upon the express approval of the warden/center supervisor, chief of security, or designee. Restraints will not be used longer than is necessary.

4. Mechanical means of restraint will not be used as punishment. No mechanical restraints will be placed about the neck of an inmate, nor will restraint equipment be applied in any way so as to inflict physical pain or to restrict blood circulation or breathing.

5. Use of restraints within the cell shall be determined by the Warden and/or medical mental health authorities.

B. Training

1. New employees will participate in one hour of pre-service training that will include the policy, use, and practice of applying restraint equipment.

2. In-service training classes in the policy, use, and practice of applying restraint equipment should be held at least twice a year. Officers will participate in at least one refresher course per year.

3. All pre-service and in-service training will be coordinated through the Arkansas Department of Correction Training Academy.

Board of Correction Approval Date: 2/27/92

Attorney General Review Date: 2/27/92

Date Filed Secy, of State: 2/28/92

Supersedes: AR 403

Dated: 7/31/81


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