RULE 004.00.94-022 - Reg. 802 - Classification of Offenders

RULE 004.00.94-022. Reg. 802 - Classification of Offenders

DCP 7.2

DOC 802 Classification of Offenders


The authority of the Board of Correction and Community Punishment to promulgate this Administrative Regulation is confirmed in Act 50 of 1968, First Extraordinary Session, as amended; and Act 309 of 1991, Regular Session; Acts 548 and 549 of 1993 (Ark. Code Ann. ss 16-93-1203 and 12-27-105 of 1993).


To establish policy to provide for a method of classifying offenders in the custody of the Arkansas Department of Correction/Community Punishment, to comply with Arkansas Code 12-29-20 2, and to ensure a uniform method of awarding meritorious good time pursuant to the provisions of the Arkansas Codes.


To offenders and department staff.


Offenders: Persons sentenced to the Department of Correction or persons sentenced to the Department of Correction for judicial transfer to the Department of Community Punishment and persons confined within a center as a condition of probation, suspended imposition of sentence or post prison transfer, or under the supervision of the Department of Community Punishment.


As defined by this Administrative Regulation, a Classification Committee shall be established for each unit/center. Members of the Committee will be selected by Wardens or Supervisors of the various units/centers. The Classification Committees shall be composed of, but not limited to:

- Unit Warden/Center Supervisor or Assistant Warden/ Assistant Center Supervisor (acting as Chairperson)

- Unit Classification Officer or person acting in this capacity as designated by the Warden/Supervisor.

- Security Representative

- Treatment Representative

The Unit Classification Committee shall meet as often as necessary to classify offenders in accordance with guidelines established in the Classification Manual and/or Administrative Directive. Exceptions to these policies must be approved by the Director.


ACA Standards 3-4284

Board Approval Date: 2/17/94

Reference: AD 94:08

Effective Date: 3/10/94

Supersedes: DCP 7.2 EMERG. DOC 802

Dated: 1/19/94 4/19/91


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