RULE 004.00.95-004 - Reg. 020 - Emergency Preparedness

RULE 004.00.95-004. Reg. 020 - Emergency Preparedness


The Board of Correction and Community Punishment is vested with the authority to promulgate this Administrative Regulation by Act 549 of 1993.


To authorize the establishment of Emergency Preparedness Plans for the Arkansas Department of Correction.


To all departmental staff, contracted employees and any and all other persons admitted to the grounds or facilities of the Arkansas Department of Correction.


A. CONFIDENTIAL - At no time will inmates have access to information designated as confidential. The information will be available for emergency use and for training, but will be kept in secure areas only.

B. EMERGENCY - Any incident or developing situation which disrupts or substantially impairs the capacity of a facility to conduct routine business, including natural and man-made disasters.

C. EMERGENCY COORDINATOR - A designated employee at both the Central Office and facility level who has the responsibility of coordinating and monitoring Emergency Preparedness activities at the respective levels. The Department (Central Office) Emergency Coordinator will be responsible to coordinate Emergency Preparedness throughout the Department according to the Administrative Directive on Emergency Preparedness.

D. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - A comprehensive system that requires a continuous department commitment to personnel and resources to ensure a systematic and standardized approach to emergencies that will include planning, prevention, prediction, preparation, and practice.


It is the policy of the Department of Correction that the following risk priorities must be considered upon implementation of emergency plans in the functional units:

1. The safety of the general public;

2. Safety and welfare of hostages;

3. Prevention of death and/or serious injury to employees, volunteers, or visitors;

4. Inmate welfare;

5. Restoration of order;

6. Protection of property; and

7. Identification, arrest, and legal prosecution of participants.


A. The Department of Correction will prepare confidential Emergency Preparedness plans for the Central Office and each unit/center that will:

1. Meet the responsibilities for the coordination and planning of Emergency Preparedness for the Department of Correction.

2. Include planning, prevention, prediction, preparation, practice and guarantee a continual and comprehensive approach to emergencies.

3. Define the role of the Department of Correction Central Office during emergency situations.

4. Define the Emergency Command Structure and the support functions required during emergencies and define essential responsibilities.

5. Outline standard procedures to resolve specific emergencies.

B. An Emergency Planning Committee shall be formed to facilitate Emergency Preparedness Planning. It will be chaired by the Department Emergency Coordinator/ Security Manager and will include all Facility Emergency Coordinators.



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