RULE 017.00.17-001 - 3-101 Capital Improvements

RULE 017.00.17-001. 3-101 Capital Improvements

Building Authority Minimum Standards and Criteria, Section 3, FINAL RULE:


(A) Whenever an Agency intends to construct buildings and facilities or to make repairs or additions and improvements to existing buildings and facilities, the procedures as outlined in this manual shall be followed.

(B) Capital improvement projects $35,000 or less shall be exempt from Construction and Design Review Sections oversight. Capital improvement projects in the amount of $25,000 or less may be bid or made by the open market. These projects shall be known as a "Small Order."

(C) Capital improvement projects which exceed $25,000 and are $35,000 or less (between $25,000.01 and $35,000) shall be contracted by contacting and requesting a minimum of three (3) bonafide bidders to bid the work. These projects shall be known as a "Quote Bid."

(D) See ยง 3-408 (E) for guidance pertaining to change orders which increases the contract above the exempt amount.


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