RULE 023.00.91-001 - Rules and Regulations

RULE 023.00.91-001. Rules and Regulations

Present Arkansas State Board of Barber Examiners Board Ruling 4-26-76 is paragraphs one (1) through three (3), below. The proposed amendment/addition is paragraph four (4), which is the underlined portion.

Board Ruling 4-26-76 - Operation of Barber School or Shop:

(1) No person, firm, or corporation may operate a barber school, barber college, or barber shop without filing application for a certificate of registration.

(2) After an application is filed, each new school, college or barber shop shall be inspected and approved prior to public opening.

(3) No barber school, barber college, or barber shop will be approved on any premise, or in any building or part of a building unless a physical barrier is established, separating said barber school, barber college, or barber shop from all other businesses, occupations or establishments conducted on the same premise, or in the same building or part thereof. All walls separating barber schools, barber colleges, or barber shops from other businesses, occupations, or establishments must be of solid construction, and a minimum of seven feet high.

(4) Establishments also licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology are exempt from the requirements of paragraph three (3) above


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