RULE 024.00.94-001 - Annual Fee Rule

RULE 024.00.94-001. Annual Fee Rule


1. What is the subject of the proposed rule? The Annual license fee paid by Burial Associations that operate in Arkansas.

2. Will this be a new rule or repeal or amend an existing rule? If it is an amendment, state specifically what is amended. The Burial Board was given the authority, pursuant to A.C.A. 23-78-111(e) to raise or lower fees. This will be a new rule.

3. What State or Federal law or regulation grants the authority for this proposed rule? A.C.A. 23-78-111(e).

4. What is the purpose of this proposed rule? Why is it necessary? The purpose of the rule is to generate more income. It is necessary because the current fees do not bring in enough revenue to fund the Board operations. Consequently, the Board has used savings to subsidize the budget, and they too are diminishing.

5. Will this proposed rule be controversial? If yes, explain nature of controversy.

I don't think that the rule will be controversial because the fees have not been increased far 5 years.

6. The Financial impact of this rule is an additional § 30,000 annually, spread over 155 associations.

7. Will a public hearing be held on this proposed rule? If yes, state the date, time and location of such hearing. If no, state the date the public comment period ends. There will be a public hearing, September 28, 1994, 1 pm, 101 E. Capitol, Mainstreet, little Rock, AR. Second floor coference room.

8. What is the proposed effective date of this proposed rule? January 1. 1995.

9. Give the names, addresses and phone number of all persons, groups, organizations, etc., interested in or affected by this proposed rule and the position taken by each.

Categorize them according to the following:

(A) Those you contacted,

(B) Those who contacted you.

(C) Those whom you anticipate will participate in the public hearing.





Those effected by this Rule will be the 155 Burial Associations that operate in Arkansas. They have all been contacted by mail.

(list attached)




REVISED: 2-17-88


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