RULE 034.00.78-001 - Amendments

RULE 034.00.78-001. Amendments

AMENDMENTS TO THE CAPITOL ZONING DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIVE RULES AND PROCEDURES DESTRUCTION OF NON-CONFORMING SIGNS -3.4-05: Following amortization schedule, .delete the current statement and replace with the following statement;

The use of non-conforming signs may continue until expiration of the amortization period; however, if such sign is removed or destroyed to greater than seventy-five (75) percent of the physical structure as determined by an authorized inspector, then it may not be replaced or reconstructed unless made to conform.

Nonconforming on-premise signs may not be altered unless such alteration conforms to these provisions and in no case shall such alteration increase the nonconformity of the sign.

The Cns.

SIGN EVALUATION POINTS - pagZDC shall review requests for replacement or reconstruction of nonconforming signs destroyed to greater than 75 percent of the physical structure and may allow such only if In keeping with the intent of these provisioe 29a & 29b, Section 3.4 - 06: Add the following pages, to appear after page 29 and before page 30 of the Capitol Zoning District Administrative Rules and Procedures.

In addition to specific size and placement requirements, an application for a sign permit shall be evaluated to determine the appropriateness of the sign design, based upon the visual evidence .documented by photographs, site and sign plans. The sign should compliment the environment in which it is placed. This does not imply that a sign may not differ in style, material or color from that of the building to which it is related, but rather that the sign shall add to the overall aesthetic effect of the natural and man-made environments, i.e. neighborhood character.

The Administrator of the Capitol Zoning District (CZD) shall review and evaluate the sign design using the methodology described below within 10 business days of the application date. Applicants may appeal sign decisions to the CZD Commission following the procedures contained in Article IV Appeals, of the CZD Administrative Rules and Procedures.

The sign will be evaluated in relation to the following Signage Design Relatedness Criteria:

a. Material

b. Color

c. Architectual Detail

d. Building Shape

e. Streetscape

f. Character of the Space Surrounding the Sign

g. Height/Width Ratio

Each of the seven factors is assigned a maximum of 10 points with a scoring possibility between 0 & 10. A sign must attain an overall score of at least 50 points, out a possible 70 points to be approved.

Within the seven criteria, the following sub-elements relevant to the site and architecture will be considered in reaching the scores for each section:

a. Material


Compliments Structures



b. Color

Same color

Compliments -or enhances

Tonal intensity

c. Architectual Detail


Carries theme

Historic style/period


d. Streetscape

Scale - pedestrian or vechicular

Compliments character - scape

Visual continuity


e. Character of Space Surrounding Sign

Blends with surrounding character of neighborhood



f. Building shape

Emphasizes or does not detract from the visual dominance of the



Reflects vertical or horizontal elements

g. Height/width Ratio

Reflects scale and massing


A sign design which fails to meet this criteria, will have noted in a rejection notice specific areas that were not acceptable.

The Appendix"L"form shall be used to record the sign evaluation and shall, along with the application, photographs, and attendant written evaluations constitute the record upon which sign permits are granted or denied.

SIGN EVALUATION POINTS Form - Appendix "L" of the Capitol Zoning District.Commission Administrative Rules and Procedures.



Mark the appropriate scale line with a X, and total points, which must exceed 49 points for the sign permit to be granted.


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