RULE 049.00.06-005 - Hospice Facility Emergency Rule

RULE 049.00.06-005. Hospice Facility Emergency Rule

D. Hospice Facility Emergency Rule

Hospice facilities can expand current licensed bed capacity to meet the needs of hospice patients who are displaced as a result of a declared emergency in Arkansas or in a border state. In this circumstance, hospice facilities may temporarily expand without a Permit of Approval if the following conditions are met:

(a) Life safety will not be jeopardized for any individual.

(b) The immediate needs of residents and other individuals sheltered at the facility can be met by the facility.

(c) The facility maintains a log of the additional persons being housed in the facility. The log shall include the individual's name, usual address, and the dates of arrival and departure.

(d) The admissions and discharge log shall be de-identified and a monthly report provided to the Health Service Permit Agency

(e) The hospice facility complies with all reporting requirements of state and federal rules and regulations.


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