RULE 049.00.09-007 - POA Application Fee Increase

RULE 049.00.09-007. POA Application Fee Increase

B. The Application/Review Process

The following are the steps of the application process. Each step must be completed before a decision on the project can be rendered.

1. Application Form. The appropriate application forms must be obtained from the Agency.

2. Pre-application conference/technical assistance. If needed, a meeting will be scheduled at the request of the applicant between the applicant and an Agency representative. The meeting is to assist the applicant and to provide guidance in the preparation of the application.

3. Submission of the Application and Appropriate Review Fee. The applicant is responsible for the timely submission to the Agency of an original and one (1) copy of a completed application and the review fee. The application must be signed in blue ink. The review fee is 1,500 for all reviews. In the event that an application decision results in a hearing before the Commission, the requesting party will be charged the prevailing agency cost per page to cover the cost for the additional copies required for the hearing.


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