RULE 054.00.13-001 - Rule 104 - Health Insurance Marketplace Assister Fees

RULE 054.00.13-001. Rule 104 - Health Insurance Marketplace Assister Fees

Section 1. Authority

This Rule is promulgated pursuant to Section One (1) of Act 1439 of 2013 of the Arkansas General Assembly to be codified in Ark. Code Ann. § 23-64-607, Ark. Code Ann. § 23-61-108, Ark. Code Ann. § 25-15-204, and other applicable laws or rules.

Section 2. Purpose

The purpose of this Rule is to establish Health Insurance Marketplace Assister fees for licensures.

Section 3. Definitions

A. "Commissioner" means the Arkansas Insurance Commissioner.

B. "License" means a license obtained from the Arkansas Insurance Department for an IPA Guide, Navigator, Certified Application Counselor, or Health Insurance Marketplace licensed producer.

Section 4. Fees

There shall be a thirty-five dollar ($35.00) regulatory fee paid to the Commissiner prior to the issuance of a License. The License shall be renewed annually at the thirty-five dollar ($35.00) fee.

Section 5. Effective Date

This Rule shall apply to all persons applying for an Assister license to be issued in this State or renewed on and after September 12, 2013.


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