RULE 069.00.09-001 - Amendment to Chapter I, Article II: Applications for Examination

RULE 069.00.09-001. Amendment to Chapter I, Article II: Applications for Examination

Section 1 -

Before any person shall be permitted to take the entrance examination prescribed by law, he shall submit a written application to the Secretary of the Board setting forth his name, address, date of birth, and a detailed history of his educational qualifications, showing the name and location of school, the length of time which the applicant attended school, and documentation of passing all parts of the national board exams. He shall also state in such application whether he has engaged in the practice of optometry elsewhere. To be eligible to take examination an applicant must be a graduate of a College of Optometry approved and accredited by the State Board.

Section 2 -

Such application shall contain the names of at least three (3) persons, not related to the applicant, as character references with whom the applicant has been associated in the past five (5) years.

Section 3 -

In making such application the applicant shall state that he is willing to abide by the laws of this State regulating the practice of optometry and shall abide by the rules and regulations adopted by this Board.

Section 4 -

Such application shall be subscribed by the applicant and sworn to by him before any officer, qualified under the laws of this State, to administer oaths.

Section 5 -

Any person furnishing false information in such application shall be denied the right to the entrance examination, or if the applicant has been licensed before it is made known to the Board of the falseness of such information, such license shall be the subject of suspension or revocation.

Section 6 -

The examination will be administered no less than twice a year. The application for examination shall be accompanied by a fee of $400.00. The application and the fee must be received by the State Board office prior to 12:00 midnight, June 1st for the mid year exam and prior to 12:00 midnight January 1st for the first quarter exam of the year. Applications received after these deadlines will not be accepted.

The examination date will be established at a Board meeting prior to June 1st and February 1stof each year.


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