RULE 070.00.92-001 - Regulations 24, 27, 31

RULE 070.00.92-001. Regulations 24, 27, 31

24. Hereafter, no Temporary License shall be granted a reciprocity applicant until the preliminary application has been received and approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and the applicant has submitted the application to the Board Office, paid the reciprocity fee, supplied a copy of the applicant's birth certificate, submitted proof of required continuing education, and supplied a current photograph of the applicant.

Before issuing a Temporary Registration, the Board Member must personally talk to the applicant and ascertain that he/she has passed the Arkansas Jurisprudence exam.

One is not eligible for an Arkansas license by reciprocity until he/she has been licensed six months in his/her state of original licensure by examination. Any practice in Arkansas, within this six-month period, must be as an intern and under the requirements set out in these criteria (unless consideration is made by the Board of Pharmacy and an exception is approved.) (10/9/80 revised 4/7/89, 4/10/92)

27. (Introductory Paragraph)

The Board of Pharmacy is charged with regulating the internship program made reference to in the Arkansas Code 17-91-30. The Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy recognizes that in order to properly fulfill its obligation to the profession of pharmacy and general welfare and protection of the public health that it must implement and supervise an internship program in the State of Arkansas.

From time to time, as is required to establish a viable internship program, the Board will establish, publish, and disseminate criteria establishing requirements and standards necessary for qualifications for licensure under Arkansas Code 17-91-301, 17-91-307, and Regulation 27.

Hereafter, every applicant for licensure by examination in Arkansas must have 2,000 hours of acceptable internship training obtained after beginning the professional college curriculum. Up to 1,500 hours of the required 2,000 may be obtained in a training program as part of the school curriculum.


8. After presenting proof of 2,000 hours of practical experience or training under Arkansas Board of Pharmacy approved conditions, the intern may be designated as a candidate suitable for full licensure if other conditions have been met.

Affidavits of one-year training must be submitted to the Board of Pharmacy for full licensure, and can be obtained from the Board of Pharmacy office.

Before permitting a student to participate in any way in the practice of Pharmacy, the Preceptor must assure:

a. The Preceptor is licensed.

b. The Intern is currently licensed.

c. The Intern has filed a current Training Plan.

(Revised 6/22/84, 4/7/89, 4/10/92)


18. Receiving a score of 70 or below on two consecutive Board of Pharmacy inspections. The inspection is Based on the board of Pharmacy inspection form which is available on request.


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